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  1. Dear All, I have seen these limitations already on the official website. However, I have a tricky query. Let me elaborate. I need to use Ansys Fluent (because our school has the license). But I hate their Pre-processing. I know how powerful is HyperMesh with meshing (but our school does not have the license). Hence, my intention is to use HyperMesh (Student Version) for meshing of my models (LARGE models with very very high element number). And then export the mesh finally to Ansys Fluent. So, my question is, can I use the Student version to mesh and export large models (without any limitation on number of elements)? I will not be solving the large models any HypperWorks solver. Thank You.
  2. I don't have either. However, before downloading and installing I need to know that. Anyway, thanks
  3. Hi, Does, anybody know if there is any limitation on number of elements/nodes creation and (then) export through HyperWorks 2017 Student Edition- HyperMesh programme? In other words, can I create mesh for a geometry with more than 500,000 nodes (for CFD model) and then able export it for another (say Ansys Fluent) solver through the Students versions HyperMesh? Thank You. -Soumitra
  4. Well, I got another solution for a more practical type of component. Check out the video tutorial for the part.
  5. Sir, What if I do all preprocessing for a forming setup in any one of the HyperForm userprofiles and I want to export it to Abaqus Explicit Solver deck? Can I do that? I tried, however I found everything (material, loads, etc.) empty except for the parts (meshed instances) in Abaqus CAE- View Model GUI.
  6. Sir, What is the significance of the mating part option in user process?
  7. Sir, When we use the Autoprocess forming setups, for binder row, how is the use of the column 'Type'? When I toggle the option to 'Gap', the three columns as highlighted in the attached picture are available. Please elaborate how to fill those cells.
  8. Yes Sir This is it, But how did you do this ?, I mean the wire frame part (undeormed) is simultaneously shown with the deformation simulation?
  9. Actually I'm having a hose which is deforming diametrically. And I want to show/report how a particular point is undergoing a relative displacement (deforming) with respect to its original position (undeformed).
  10. Yes, the nodes would be the same (BY ID) as the deformed part is derived from the undeformed part (Mesh 'd be same (no adaptivity used)) However wile trying relative displacement from measure panel, it enables to select only those nodes which are their in current model file and does not permit to select a node (nothing but the same node-by ID) from another model file. How about if I could have two components (deformed and undeformed) in a single model file?
  11. Sir, I couldn't see that option in my case. Even after applying the contour plots (not done while taking the above snapshot)
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