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  1. Hi, What a pressure (Static or dynamic pressure) is shown with AcuFieldView? It is possible to view the static pressure using Acufieldview? Thx in advance, Jehu
  2. Jehu

    Surface BC

    Hello, i would like to load a pressure on the interface of my system. Is it possible to put a pressure on a surface, without that this surface is an inlet or outflow? Thx
  3. Hi, i am performing the cfd analysis of a water jet propulsion. I´m not surre if my approach is correct, but if it could help you, I can provide you my cfd data. Thank you
  4. Hi, I am analysing the flow characteristics of a water Jet Propulsion. It is in this case for a Jet ski. The water Jet Propulsion is comparable to a axial pump. Does anyone have experience with the CDF analysis of axial pumps? Thx in advance Jehu
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