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  1. Hello Sir, I wanted to compute turbulent kinetic energy in my manifold at all nodes. So I took an output from acuconsole tools section and selected nodal output extended to get velocity gradient. I then imported these values to excel. My question is there are 9 gradient velocities. With these gradients how can i compute KE at all nodes. Can you please help me with this ?? Thank you !!!
  2. Thank you very much sir. I just want to ensure one more thing. I am new to Acu FV. I just know how to see along coordinate surfaces of a model. can you tell me how can I see my kinetic energy over whole model.
  3. Hello Sir, I am modelling a manifold which looks like in the attached picture. In the inlet I can give my flow rate as boundary condition but the branch(one outlet) needs to be modelled in such a way that it exactly receives 1 lit/min and that flow will join after my restrictor. How should I do that as the outlet boundary condition in acusolve is relative pressure. So here in my case I have two inlets and two outlets. If you can give me a hint to proceed it would be a great help. Thank you Prithvi
  4. Hello sir, Thank you but I can only access to these parameters but Acusolve can not do for quantities like kinetic energy. So I came up with a script formula to find kinetic energy. In FV I processed it and want to know the integrated value of kinetic energy. When I switch on the color map I see color spectrum as well as title showing Kinetic energy. I am surprised there is a value below it. Does it represent the integrated value, or it is not related to it.
  5. In post processing, for inlet or outlet surface i can see the magnitude of pressure with good color spectrum, but Is there any possibility to get integrated value of pressure or velocity on that surface
  6. How to tackle the problem with negative jacobians while moving handles. what does it actually mean
  7. hello Sir, I am using hyperstudy to optimize manifolds. After morphing and exporting .tpl file and shp file, When I add acusolve solver script in hyperstudy using bat file, I initiated nominal run by importing design variables from tpl and crd file. My query is when nominal run is initiated in my log file I get errors like undefined nodes and negative jacobian for elements and then my surface outputs are not generated. CAn anyone tell me what exactly is the problem here.
  8. Hello, Can anyone help me how to execute .frm files in acufield view or atleast how a .frm file can be executed and viewed for my manifold problem. my .frm file is nothing but T.K.E in the manifold Thank you Prithvi
  9. Hello sir can anyone guide me how to create .osi files through REM Solver because I am not able to figure out how I should launch the REM solver
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