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  1. Hi all, I had given run in optistruct for linear static analysis but it shows like this - *** WARNING # 312 In static load case 10 the compliance is negative or large 1.389270E+08 Optimization/buckling analysis cannot be performed due to possible rigid body mode wat is this mean???? wat is compliance??? Can anyone pls help me??/:-({|= Thanks&Regards Sai
  2. Hi Everyone Could u pls tell me In Hypermesh, in nastran preference- In 1d- Rigids - elem type- there are 4 types - rbe2, Rjoint- wat is application of this???, Spline1, spline2 ?????? Thanks & Regards ~~~Sai~~~
  3. Hi All, Could u pls tell Rbe2 - where exactly the rbe2 are used?? practically??? 1.I Mean in which locations??? 2. in which Applications??? Thanks & regards ~Sai~
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