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  1. Hi all, Objective: preprocess a deformed dataset (d3plot) from a previous analysis I imported a k file (preprocessd) and results (d3plot) file into hyperview/works via load model and load resuls on bottom of graphics window. My objective is to save the deformed state (last frame) including all keywords which were present in the first analysis for a second analysis. When exporting as a solverdeck, many of the keywords (sections in particular) are not present. Is there a setting of configuration which needs to be set first or am I missing a step altogether. Thanks for any input. kgd
  2. Hi Mike, Great. That is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you very much for this extremely useful info. kgd
  3. Hi, is there a way to save the display for a group of components, for later retrieval? Similar to groups in LSPP. I am working on a large assy. with more than 1000 components and controlling what you want and not want to see is cumbersome. What suggested technique should be applied in such situation? Thanks, kdg
  4. Hi all, Is there a way in Hypermesh to import parameters from a spreadsheet or a ascii file format? e.g. Type,PartName,SectionName,MatId,MatName,MatTypeName.... If so, please direct me to sources where I can read up on it. Also I have difficulty finding information on how to interact with a tcl script. Please direct me to sources as well. Thank you.
  5. Hi tinh, that was it. Thanks a lot. kgd
  6. Hi All, I changed section properties from shell to solid. Updated the prop. card, and component to reflect the changed section ids. Material was unchanged. However I noticed when checking (utility>partInfo), that the mass is not updating. It says it is 0. What is the correct procedure to change section properties and have the model update accordingly to this change? Thank you, kgd
  7. Hi Prakash, thanks for your suggestions, find my answers below. Also I tried with a diff. model and nodeset get exported. I suspect now that something is not quite right with the model and I will need to investigate some more. Thanks, kgd Are you in Dyna profile when you exported the solver deck? yes Under export options, can you make sure export is set to all. yes if still that doesnt work, please let us know what are all the updates installed on your machine.Go to Help Menu>> Updates and system information to get the updates. see below Altair Home: C:/Program Files/Altair/12.0 Updates Information: ------------------------------------------------------------ acusolve12.0.310 hwdesktop12.0.110 hwsolvers12.0.220 SimLab12.2_hw12.0 sT9.5_hw12.0 vwt12.0_hw12.0 Versions: ------------------------------------------------------------ hgtrans.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hmopengl.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hst_ng.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hstbatch_ng.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hstdss.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hvp.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hw.exe: (Sep 13 2013) hwmbdmodel.dll: (Sep 13 2013) hwplot.dll: (Sep 13 2013) hwplot3d.dll: (Sep 13 2013) hwpost.dll: (Sep 13 2013) hwtext.dll: (Sep 13 2013) hwvideo.dll: (Sep 13 2013) hwx.exe: (Sep 13 2013) templex.exe: (Sep 13 2013)
  8. Hi All, I created a nodeset for initial velocity. Exported the model as a dynadeck. Checked the .k file with lspp. However the nodeset is not present in the .k file. What could be the cause for not writing/exporting a nodeset from hypermesh to lsdyna? Thanks for any suggestion. kgd
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