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  1. thanks for your fast answer... i tried like descript it... but something must be wrong becaus i get following message> There were 4403 error messages during input processing. The first message is repeated below: *** ERROR # 1237 *** CQUAD4 element number 2 references a missing property ID 2 or uses property of incorrect type for this element type. Error # 14 appeared total of 4403 times. does anybody know where the mistake is?
  2. Hi... I am a new user of Hyperworks. I want to analyze the centrifugal force and the depending stresses and displacments. My part is a little bit like a CD. I want to this in 2D. My Questions> 1. Which element should i use? 2. How to create the constrains? 3. How the creat a cylindrical coordinatesystem? Best regards Alex
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