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  1. Hi all I am doing a analysis of a rotating object @ RPM of 200 please let me know how to define a imposed rotational velocity(RPM) or imposed Displacement in degrees per given time(degree/sec) in hypermesh (User Profile-Block 100, BCs manager) Also tell me how is imposed velocity in X is different from Imposed velocity in XX thankyou
  2. Hi prakash, what type of interface is to be defined in this case.... moreover do i need to define contact surface?????? thanks??
  3. Hi Prakash, 1) can you let me know what type of Property definition to be used for soil model. 2) while defining the MLAW 10 or MLAW 21, i need to define Amax......inorder to simulate failure criterion so what could be the possible value. 3) as per your previous thumbnail... for loose soil Tau0=0 what if the tau 0 is not equal to zero. 4) sending you few calculation thumbnail and model file(sent through secure dropbox) for reference attached is the some materials data thanks Some Useful Numbers.pdf
  4. HI prakash, I am unable to understand the input parameters for LAW10 like.... A0, A1, A2......A max etc. as in my perspective these inputs are experimental data.... though the Theroy manual is informative still I am unable to understand if possible kindly provide the tutorial for the same.... or provide a set of diffrent type of soil material data/library. thankyou.
  5. hi, IS LAW20 available in Hyperworks 11, moreover I can not find it in RADIOSS theory manual Regards:
  6. Hi Sir, I have College project in which i have analyse a Rotary Tiller Blade. That is .... a Single blade rotating about an axis and striking the compacted soil surface. Kindly guide me What material configuration should i use in order to model a compacted soil block in hypermesh For reference attached is the image of tiller
  7. I am trying to do a analysis for load prediction to deflect a leafspring for known material, Spring design and specified Deflection. I am intrested to know the force applied to deflect the leaf spring by 200 mm. For reference check attached image. A Swift response is appreciated. kindly let me know how to use hypermesh tools for the same.
  8. Hi rahul... Please check the attachment and let me know where i am wrong
  9. Hi, I was analysing a non liner analysis for a chain hook I had submitted the file to the RADIOSS solver Problem i faced is After writting a Animation file 0001 the solver repeatidly started writting a .rst file. I kept the solver run for more than two hours but before it could write Animation file 0002 it wrote many (aprx 15) .rst file. Can any one tell why is it so and how can I avoid it or fix it. regards Paramveer Singh
  10. HI Prakash. I have sent you the file Looking forward for your swift response.
  11. H, I one of my practice analysis I used material LAW 22 as well as LAW23 But the RADIOSS solver gave the error as shown in the attached image Also sending you the detail of material definition Kindly let me know the meaning of this error also let me know how to fix it Regards Paramveer Singh
  12. I am trying to simulate a chain link as shown below in the image. Load - Impossed Velocity Property Card:- P14_Solid Mesh :- Tetra Mesh Contact Type :- Type 7 Material:- Elasoplastic -M2_JOHNS_ZERIL After I did submit the file to solver, it gave me errors as shown in image attached. Kindly let me know the cause of error and how to fix it., or suggest me different methodology is applicable. Your valuable reply is appreciated.
  13. Thankyou Praksh for your valuable reply, I was successfull in simulating the same problem using SHELL elements My intension to conduct the comparison between the results obtained from property card P1SHELL and P14_Solid. Results with P1SHELL property card were succesfully accomplished Kindly guide me how to use solid elements for rapture analysis.
  14. I am simulating a projectile striking a metallic sheet. I used a P14_Solid property card and element as 3D tetra but after simulation the material is unable to rapture. Somebody please guide me... for reference attached is the Image......you can see that the material extensively elongated but no rapture. Value for Max Plastic Strain used :- 0.750
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