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  1. I found the problem. I set up the FEM using the Entities-Windows (right-mouse button--> create -->Load Step). When I use the Analysis-Panel, there are no probelms to define static displacement constraints. It seems as if there is a bug in the HW 13.0 version.
  2. Hi, I´m writing my bachelor thesis at the moment and got some trouble while setting up the optimization problem. I want to add a static displacement constraint, but hypermesh displays the error message "Selected subcase (XYZ) is not compatible with the type of response" when I try to set an upper bound using the dcontraints panel for the static displacement response I created before. The Model got 4 Load Steps of the type "Linear Static". It is meshed with Hexa-Elements. Furthermore it uses bolt pretension, CBEAM and RBE2 Elements. For contactmodeling I only use FREEZE and SLIDE. Are there any incompabilities with repect to my FEM Setup or has anyone an idea why this error message is displayed? I have never had such a problem before. If I only run the analysis, there are no problems and the model behaves as expected. Maik
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