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  1. Thank you, that is good to hear. I look forward to seeing the result in due course.
  2. I am creating a model using thin shell surfaces for a ship-type structure where the side slopes outwards from the bottom. I would like to be able to cut the side stiffeners on a plane normal to the sloping side, not parallel to the global axes. I have created an axis system with the Z axis normal to the side, but use of this system seems to be very inconsistent in Hypermesh v13. I can create a surface by extruding a line in the local Z direction, but I can't create a line by extruding a node. I can't create nodes using coordinates along the local system. I can't break a surface on any plane except one of the global planes. I have done what I want by creating a vector then a line then a surface and breaking self-intersecting surfaces, but it is very long-winded. It would be so much easier if I could break the surface using local planes at a given base node! Any chance of Hypermesh adding a local system option to the edit - surface - plane form?
  3. Thanks, Mario, that makes things much easier to see. Another case where I couldn't find the relevant topic in the help files because I wasn't looking for the right words, I think!
  4. I have created a number of mass elements for non-structural mass in Hypermesh 12 with the Abaqus solver. The mass elements are displayed as very small dots occupying only a couple of pixels, and can be lost behind shell element edges. Is there any way to change the display of mass elements - size, shape or anything?
  5. I have created a test model of plate supported by angle stiffeners. The angle stiffeners are modelled as beam elements along lines between surfaces. The surfaces were created by repeatedly translating along the X axis, and all have normals in the +Z direction. All the lines have their line direction in the -X direction, except for the last surface which has +X. This means that the flanges of the angle elements along the edge of the last surface point the opposite way to all the others. Is it possible to reverse the direction of the lines? There is no option for it in Line Edit.
  6. Mario, thank you for your reply: your suggestion of disconnecting the surfaces, reversing them and reconnecting them did work. I'm not very happy with the program reversing the surfaces it thinks fit without giving me the option to at least confirm the changes first, but it appears that someone in their wisdom thought otherwise.
  7. Can anyone explain which surfaces have their normals changed in Hypermesh V12? The help file says that: This functionality automatically adjusts the minimum set of surfaces required to maintain overall consistency of the surface normals, without affecting other surfaces, based on the input surface selection. The minimum set of surfaces is found from all surfaces attached by shared edges. This includes the entire surface shell, not just the adjacent surfaces. This prevents problems that can arise from incorrect or inconsistent orientations. I have part of my model which is a closed box. Most of the surface normals point outwards, but those on one side point inwards. When I select the inward pointing surfaces, individually or by window, and ask for their normals to be reversed then those surfaces are reversed but so are all the other surfaces, so the originally inward surfaces are still inconsistent with the rest. Is it possible to limit the reversing to only the surfaces I select?
  8. As a new user of Hypermesh I am creating a structure outline using lots of lines, which soon get broken up. I have put line numbering on, but wonder if there is any way to make the numbers of the new lines appear as soon as they are created? Just so I know my editing is correct before I get too far. Also; is there any way of limiting the number of pick handles that appear on a line, e.g. to ends and mid-length only?
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