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  1. I just figured it out. There is a multiplier option that take care of the issue only for visualization. see attached. Thanks, Maysam
  2. Hi everyone, I have a question that I'm sure the answer is no but I thought maybe someone knows a workaround for it. I was wondering if it's possible to show the legend in HyperView (see attached) in another unit? I don't want to change the unit of my whole model but just want to somehow show the stress unit in the legend (which is in MPa right now) in ksi only for the sake of presenting it to certain groups of people. FYI my solver is ABAQUS. Thank you, Maysam
  3. Even when I just use the "Build Plots" button in HyperView then select what I want to be plotted for a specific element, it just doesn't plot anything :/ The time history shows the change of von Mises correctly and I just want a simple plot of it versus time! I'm really confused! What am I missing!!?
  4. I'm trying to plot an element's von mises stress vs time but mises is deactivated when i want to choose it for y-axis. I'm new to HyperView. Could anyone help me figure this out? Attached screenshot shows the issue. Thanks, Maysam
  5. Exactly!! The partial remeshing brings up the problem. I just remeshed the whole part again and it went ok but the moment I try to fix the problematic elements (like tetra collapse or aspect ratio) by remeshing them, it just messes everything up again! I think I finally go with Rahul's idea of doing it with hexa mesh.
  6. Yes Rahul, I know about hexa mesh transition but it needed more preparation also the mesh is not in a critical location and only will transfer the stresses/strain so I decided to go for tetra. But you're right hexa transition is much better and more reliable.
  7. I was wondering why I get some messed up mesh (and consequently some free faces flying around, marked in the screenshot) when I use tetra remesh to take care of tetra collapse and other element check factors. I need to mesh the transition layer you see in the attached screenshots. When I tetramesh it, it's ok and no free edges/faces. But after remeshing the tetramesh locations with problematic tetra collapse, I end up with some weird elements protruding to others and some free edges/faces that even equivalence couldn't get rid of them! Any help/idea is greatly appreciated. Also let me know if you know a better way to mesh this transition than tetramesh (the area of the inner squares are 1/4 of outer squares). Thanks a lot, Maysam
  8. Great! Thanks @Q.NGUYEN-DAI for sharing the script. I'm still learning tcl and was kinda struggling to do what you did this fast Any recommendation about learning tcl would be greatly appreciated!
  9. Thanks, here's mine. I made this using split (shift+F6) but the problem is in HM13 it only works one element at a time (in one direction each time). Hopefully in later versions of HM, they make it work for multiple elements. hexa-coupled-split.inp
  10. Quick question... in the original Trelis model, they used those elements that I enclosed with red lines (see screenshot 1) but in the mesh that I made in HM (screenshot 2), I didn't put them and still gave me a pretty nice transitional mesh (at least it passed all the element checks). Do you think those layers are necessary? I haven't run the model in any way and just wondering!
  11. Nice! I was also working on different alternatives... I got this:
  12. Yup me too! I wish we had its file. It would be awesome to back track it and make it with HM Gonna ask around to see if anyone has/used Trelis and let you know if I got my hand on that mesh.
  13. Unfortunately I don't have this mesh because I don't have Trelis. Here's the link to the image I posted: https://cubit.sandia.gov/public/14.0/help_manual/WebHelp/mesh_generation/mesh_modification/mesh_refinement.htm#drawing I wonder why HM doesn't have this ability for hexamesh (or it has and I'm missing it)!! This hexa mesh makes much more sense compare to the automated tetramesh in HM!
  14. This is a mesh refinement from Trelis. Is it possible to do this in Hypermesh (auto or manual)? If so, how? Thanks trelis.ts
  15. Hi, Could you help me to make this transition mesh work? I need to fill the space between the larger and smaller cube. I know that I need to close the front face to have a closed area to be able to use tetramesh to fill it (correct me if I'm wrong) but after closing it with tria elements (last figure) and trying to do the tetramesh, it gives me "A segmentation error occurred" message and crash close my model. I'm using Abaqus as a solver and this is part of a fatigue analysis model. Thanks, Maysam
  16. Hey Q.NGUYEN-DAI, Could you explain how you did the tetramesh of the mid-layer? I did it but what you have is a rather clean 3-layer that I couldn't get it. I'm a little confused about the tetramesh parameters. Thanks, Maysam
  17. Hey everybody! I'm trying to use tetramesh to mesh the dark blue part to connect the fine mesh (light blue) to the coarse mesh (yellow). The problem is when I mesh it as one hallow solid, it meshes even the inside of it which suppose to be empty... and when i cut it in half and want to mesh it (which is the preferred way for me), it gives me this error that I don't even know what it means: "planar boundary face angle too large" Attached are all the screenshots showing what I described. Anyone knows what I'm doing wrong? I use HM13 and Abaqus as a solver. Thanks, Maysam
  18. Sort of. The outer box is not mappable and it has to connect the fine mesh of inner box to a coarse mesh. So I think the best option is tetrameshing. Thanks,
  19. I need to associate the nodes of the inner box mesh to the outer solid so when I mesh the outer solid, it follows the mesh of the inside part. The associating tab only let me select the solids one by one. i was wondering if I can select all the elements of inner box mesh and associate them to each solid? or I have to select only the nodes that are in touch with the solid to associate them. I mean what will happen if I try to associate a node that is not in touch with a solid to that solid? thanks
  20. I did start meshing the 1/4 of it but since I started from one of the "ugly mesh" sectors, I got confused and decided to see if the rest are acting weird also or not. I'm still confused why that happened!
  21. Map as circle messed it up but map as triangle worked! No idea why! Another question (more like a general wondering though)... why the color of small triangle showing in the middle of the "formerly ugly" mesh is light pink and the triangle in the nice mesh is light blue? Of course both of the meshes are the same now but i wonder what the difference in color means. Thanks, Maysam
  22. Why the mesh patterns for the 4 sectors of the circle are not the same? I mean it's a symmetric circle that has been cut into exactly 4 same sectors but when I use 2D auto mesh, the marked sectors meshing patterns are different than the other two and I can't make them the same! The meshed circle is part of the solid. I'm planning to drag the 2D mesh to 3D mesh the whole cylinder. Even when I use "solid map" to directly 3D mesh the cylinder, only 2 of the adjacent sectors get the "nice mesh". I'm using HM 13 and Abaqus as a solver. Thanks, Maysam
  23. figured it out... apparently there was a shared edge that supposed to be suppressed. no idea how it got there though!! I leave this topic here just for anyone that gets confused like me.
  24. I was wondering if anyone can tell me why that one piece of this solid ended up being not mappable!? As you see in the screenshot, it was a cylinder that I cut that way (the cuts have to be that way for some reason) but only that piece is not mappable! The whole thing is symmetrical! I'm using HM 13 and Abaqus as a solver. Thanks, Maysam
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