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  1. hey apharays, i'm not working with acusolve anymore. multiple species-problem was a part of my bachelor-thesis. sry
  2. Hello everyone, I have a simualation which is not created by Acusolve (Picture 1). Now i want to replicate this simulation by using Acusolve (Picture 2) and I need some informations to realize that. The problem-description is attached below (Pic 1). As you can see (at the Picture 2), the water in the left side is not going down (from the top) and even no air comes afterwards. Does this depend on my surface bc??? What i'm doing wrong? thanks
  3. as you can see at the pic below, you can use the mach number in acufieldview. my question is, how can i make that visible? because this options are not avalible in my version (13.2)
  4. ok, i could find the problem. just replaced ....."...... with .......'........ in script. but now i can't open AcuFieldView after calculating. Following error message appears. does someone know why that happens?
  5. thank you for your response. here my settings i couldn't find any non-english characters
  6. Hello everyone, i´ve just attempt to work on "Workshop 9 _ Honey in Tea" from the website below. Here the link. When i try to run AcuSolve after setting all parameters, the following Problem arises. Below the picture. Can somebody tell me why this error-message appears? Thanks
  7. is there any possibility to set the mach-number or cfl-number in AcuSolve?
  8. hi density is not availible as a scalar function. because of that, i can't write functions which contains the density in the equation. i don't think acusolve single phase solver. altair has tutorials for multiple phase problems on their website. i don't know to use wind tunnel. do you know where i can get tutorials therefor? thanks
  9. thank you for your reply... i need to visualize (in acufieldview) the following functions - mach number - density - pressure coefficient cp - lift coefficient ca - aerodynamic drag coefficient cd/cw - volume fraction thanks
  10. Dear Altair-Engineering-Team, I am writing my bachelor thesis in the area of fluid mechanics. Here, I examine various models with the help of AcuConsole (AcuSolve). To evaluate my calculations, I'm using the additional software "AcuFieldView". My problem: I would like to use the "PLOT3D" functions in AcuFieldview but I don't know how to get them. I read already the reference guide and there is mentioned that you can write own functions and register them afterwards but that was too superficial for me. My question: Do you have already created files for these "User Functions" (PLOT3D) and can you tell me in brief how to register these in AcuFieldView. Maybe a short tutorial which explains step by step to do that? Thank you very much Ayrix
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