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  1. i was trying to run a macro downloaded from http://www.altairhyperworks.in/Script-Exchange.aspx?%3ftop_nav_str=1with the name " Create Derived Load Cases from Excel *cs". but it gives an error attached below: "//sezfiler02/iSTARTv5/CAx_Softwares/CAE/Altair/HM12.0_server/hm/scripts/EngineeringSolutions" this is the path that exists in my system but rest of the path mentioned in the error doesn't exists.
  2. Dear sir Thanks for the script you gave me. I guess the entire difference was of the brackets I was using which you didn't use. The script is working perfect now. Thanks again.
  3. Hi all I am very new to tcl and macro making and was trying to create a macro for checking the jacobian. Using the help file from hypermesh desktop reference guide this is what i did: (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 1 "displayed" (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 2 (Documents) 74 % *elementtestjacobian (elements,1,0.7,2,2,0,"jacobain") this gives an error of "unknown entity type found". so i tried doing this: (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 1 "displayed" (Documents) 72 % *createmark elems 2 (Documents) 73 % *elementtestjacobian (elements, $1 ,0.7, $2 ,2,0,"jacobain") but this gave an error of "can't read 2 no such variable found". I have done exactly what was mentioned in help file then why I am getting error?
  4. Hi Rahul Thanks a lot I got what I needed. Regards Bhavna Uttamchandani
  5. Hi Rahul I have enclosed the link as well as the path from where I encountered the same. I used aluminium as this was mentioned in the help file example. Also I am unable to find the chapter you have mentioned. I have hyper mesh 13 Core tutorial. HyperWorks Solvers > RADIOSS > Advanced Small Displacement Finite Element Analysis > RD-2080: Fatigue (Strain - Life) Method: http://www.altairhyperworks.com/(S(3fu2zyrlbyi03xcofiue25jd))/hwhelp/Altair/hw11.0/help/hwtut/hwtut.htm?fatigue_en_strain.htm thanks and regards Bhavna
  6. Hi Prakash thanks for the explanation. One more thing I am unable to decipher the variables which are used while defining material. I tried to find them out but couldn't. The variables are as follows: SF, B,C EF, NP, KP, NC, SEE, SEP. It is mentioned that the value of these variables can be obtained from materials EN curve. Thanks and regards Bhavna
  7. Hi I did the analysis using the hyperworks tutorial file for fatigue loading using the load time history file which was already there for the control arm. Although I read the theory which was given in the tutorial before exercise but I am unable to understand the subcases, Load collector etc to be made before doing a fresh analysis and the meaning of the terms which are used for the same in given analysis. ie FATPARM, MATFAT, FATLOAD etc.. Thanks and regards Bhavna
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