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  1. the objective is to minimize weighted compliance and volume fraction is the constraint
  2. Hello All, As we all might be aware that rotor dynamics have been introduced with version 13.0 of Hyperworks. I am new to the rotor dynamic analysis. i need some help/suggestions regarding the same. following are my queries regarding the same:- Is it possible to use rotor dynamic analysis for calculation misalignment of shafts Can we use the same in continuation to topology optimization? thanks in advance
  3. property to your element needs to be defined. define property and material to your elements, this error will get solved
  4. Hello, Can anyone help me out with this? i have launched an topology optimization with 2nd order elements. this error is what i am facing while launching the calculation:- NOTE # 2715 Solver with 64 bit integer is activated. PROGRAM STOPPED BY INTERRUPT SIGNAL. can anyone let me know possible reason for this error?
  5. if the response are unconstrained, the value will not come in output file by default. you need to use DREPORT card to have output of the responses. if the response is constrained, use RESPRINT card. you will get the response value in output file.
  6. kindly help me out with this internal error:- *** INTERNAL PROGRAMMING ERROR *** in file "prep_1.F", at location # 1976. ioerr(1) =-1508683272 ioerr(2) = 1 ioerr(3) = 46 **** ABORTING RUN DUE TO AN INTERNAL ERROR **** what could be possible reason for occurance of this error? how can i deal with this error?
  7. i am sorry i cant share the model.. can you tell me probability of its occurance?
  8. Hi, I got the following error while running an optimization:- *** ERROR # 703 *** number of design variables = 2569839 number of constraints = 17 error code from optimizer = 900 The optimizer failed to find a solution of the optimization problem at the current iteration. This error occurs in module "appdrv". but the .out file shows "FEASIBLE DESIGN" remark. Please help me out. Thanks in advance.
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