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  1. Thank you. Is autoclean up the only solution?
  2. Hello, I have two solids which are in contact (Figures 1, 2 & 3). Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is to use theboolean operations in solid edit [{A-B,B} (cut A with B method)] to get a common surface so that the two meshes have matching nodes at the end of the workflow. One problem I find with this method is that even if I toggle off some edges they appear again after a boleean operation. Another problem is the boundary edges (Figure 4) of the common surface between the two objects in contact are sharp and the mesh generated will be bad. Is there a way to solve this or altogether a different method please? Model is attached (Hypermesh 2017) Thank you for your help. sent.hm
  3. Attached. Maybe the way I split the regions is not clever.
  4. I have done a lot of splitting with manual editing of the nodes but my aspect ratio is not good (i want them to be less than 3) and the jacobian also (i want them to be > 0.7). Any ideas how to improve this please?
  5. I tried boolean but I end up with non mappable surfaces which I don’t know how to get rid of which I don’t know how to get rid of. Not one click meshing Do you have a method please?
  6. Hi, In the attached model, I have 13 solid bodies assembled together. I was wondering what's the quickest method I could use to mesh each individual components in hex elements ensuring that the parts in contact have matching nodes. Thank you
  7. Did you use washer split to get the pink mesh?
  8. Yes @Q.Nguyen-Dai. How did you do it please? If you have a video or written method please. Thank you
  9. Hello, thanks for the replies but I meant layers of elements that following the boundary of the surfaces (see picture drrawn badly in paint). I want to do that for both pink and yellow
  10. Hi, I want to mesh the attached geoemtry so that that layers of quad mesh is concentric to to the geometry. Can someone suggest a method please? 2d2.hm
  11. Thank you but I have done that and it's not working.
  12. Hi, Is there a way to link CAD produced in Autodesk Inventor to Hypermesh? I have a model of regular geometry whose dimensions will change and needs to be be remeshed with hex elements. I was wondering if there's a way to automate this process. Thank you
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