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  1. Dear George, I have used the values as shown in image for my contact definition Type 7 if i changed inacti to 6 it shows error in initial penetration in interface.... Please provide your guidelines and suggested the values to be used for Type 7 contact Thanks RAM
  2. Dear prakash, Yes those nodes are involved in contact Type 7 Thanks RAM
  3. Dear Prakash, Thanks for the support Thanks RAM
  4. Dear Prakash, Please find the curve for the respectives .... Thanks RAM
  5. Dear ALL I am performing the crash analysis ( Roll over) in Radioss , during solving facing the energy error issue which is increasing in -ve percentage. Please provide your guidelines Thanks RAM
  6. Dear George, Shared the out file in your dropbox I am using version 13 .... Thanks RAM
  7. Dear George, I have deleted and recreated the interfaces but still the error occurs ** ERROR TRAPPED : REPORT TO LISTING FILE ERROR ID : 760 Thanks RAM
  8. Dear George, What is the error in interface definition?? Thanks RAM
  9. Dear George, Thanks for your update Tanks RAM
  10. Dear George, What is the modeling error in that model? Please let me know the corrections to be made. Thanks RAM
  11. Dear George, File shared to your dropbox Thanks RAM
  12. Dear George, I have cleared this admas error.but getting the following error ABNORMAL END | | Segmentation Violation | | TRACE BACK : | +=============================================================+ RIGID BODY ELEMENT DEACTIVATION +=============================================================+ ERROR ID : 760 ** ERROR TRAPPED Thanks RAM
  13. Dear George, I have cleared the issue by changing the admas element type from M to M-ADV1 Thanks RAM
  14. Dear Prakash, I am facing the same error ,please give your valuable guidelines Thanks RAM
  15. Dear George, I have cleared the Rbody error by using spring elements with high stiffness, but unable to clear the admas error. Thanks RAM
  16. Dear George Can i use spring elements with high stiffness instead of Rbody Thanks RAM
  17. Dear George, I have checked for the double dependency for the rigid elements it was cleared. But why this error in rigid element definition occurs. Please explain. Thanks RAM
  18. Dear Gopal, Please find the image attached Thanks RAM
  19. Dear Gopal, I have fixed that issue but getting error in admas and rigid body definition. Thanks RAM
  20. Dear George , File shared in your dropbox Thanks RAM
  21. Dear George, After fixing the skew also i am getting the same error and getting error in admas node group. Thanks RAM
  22. Dear George, While assign initial velocity with the LCS getting the following error. Thanks RAM
  23. Dear George , Shared the out file in your drop box Thanks RAM
  24. Dear George, I am facing the error as follows ** ERROR IN GROUP DEFINITION DESCRIPTION : -- TRANSFORMATION UNEXISTING -- ID : 1 -- TITLE : auto1 NODE GROUP ID=0 DOES NOT EXIST I have cleared the double dependency of the rigid elements also but still error occurs.. Please give your valuable guidelines Thanks RAM
  25. Dear George, how to clear the dependency in the rigid elements? In rigid elements , Dependent node & independent node is there... Which node can't be shared by two rigid elements?? or Both can't be shared by two elements??? I am in situation to create the two rigid elements at particular location... Please give your valuable guidelines Thanks RAM
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