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  1. hello, trying to compile a udf from an acusolve tutorial but i dont have a compiler in the computer. cant install either due to not being admin in the computer(university based). can someone help me with ways to compile it to run the tutorial?
  2. I use hyperworks in a university computer so the directory is not like that obv. I cannot locate these files in the path shown which is somewhere in my Local C;/ drive. I can find these three files in my university local shared disc though. Should I delete them there? and i dont know if i should change the path because it might create a problem with the licensing?
  3. hi thanks for helping, i just restarted hypermesh without doing anything and i noticed that it creates nodes now but still says permission denied although I can create them. should i change the path anyways or is it fine??
  4. Hi I am trying to create a geometry in hypermesh but every time I try to create a node or line for example it says permission denied! any help?
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