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  1. Hi, so we´ve found the same error Thanks for alle the help!!! Greetings
  2. Hi, I just solved the problem by myself. I had to reverse the normals of the "street" graphic. They where pointing to the inside of the model. Thanks for all the quick help!!!!! Greetings
  3. HI, ok just to be sure we are talking about the same model. Within the files I send to you the "street" model is in the folder "Modell Strasse" and the right file is "Strasse_100_rund.hm" or the graphic file "strasse_rund_import.h3d". Thanks for alle your help!!
  4. Hi Prakash Pagadala, thanks for looking at my model. I see what you meen an corrected it. But there is no change in the simulation. The Model keeps falling through the "street". I think the problem must be somewhere in the street graphic, because all old Graphics and all Graphics I create with MotionView are working fine with contacts, even with the wheels. Just the new one and every new graphic I create and import from HyperMesh are causing contact problems. So I think I messed up some configuration in HyperMesh but can´t see which one.... I just create points, link them with lines, create surfaces and do a 2D AutoMesh on these surfaces. Greetings
  5. Hi Prakash Pagadala, thanks for the quick answers. The first Problem is solved. Using "JPRIM" was the solution. Is there a page in the online tutorial where I can see the right commands for element types and so on? I just send you my model files. If it opens correctly the deactivated Graphic is the one which works fine. The active one "Rundkurs" is the one with the porblem. The complete Model is in the folder "Pedersenrad_einfach" and is named "Rad einfach" Greeting
  6. Hi, I´m using MotionView for my bachelorthesis to create the simulation of a two-wheeled vehicle. I´m trying to get a sequential simulation going. But if I run the simulation I get some errors. The cirtical template expressions are: [....] /> <Deactivate element_type = "Joint" element_id = "{the_model.j_stabil_kurve.idstring}" /> <Activate element_type = "Joint" element_id = "{the_model.j_stabil_2.idstring}" /> [...] "j_stabil_kurve" is a Perpendicular Axes Joint "j_stabil_2" is a Parallel Axes Joint The error i get: [...] Deactivate Joint/301006 WARNING: Element Joint/301006 not found! DEACTIVATE command ignored. Activate Joint/301005 WARNING: Element Joint/301005 not found! ACTIVATE command ignored. [...] I already checked the id´s 301006 and 301005. These are the correct id´s for these joints. And if I look at the simulation both Joints are used but they are not getting deactivated/activated through the sequential simulation. The second Problem I´m facing is with some contacts. I build the course the two-wheeled vehicle should drive on with HyperMesh and use Poisson Contacts with Coulomb Friction On. To this point everything works fine. But when I extend the first course in HyperMesh and replace the old Graphic in MotionView with the larger course alle contacts are ignored and the vehicle just falls through the course. The new graphic is assigned to the same body as the old one an the contact connectivitys are updated to the new graphic, too. I´m would be really happy if someone knows some solutions for these problems. Sorry for the bad english and thanks to everyone replying!!!!
  7. Hi, I have the same problem. I want to optimize a 1D Truss, but as I try to import the variables I have only Materials and Force as Model Parameters. What I need is the radius or the area I set in HyperMesh as propertie. My solver is Optistruct. thanks!
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