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  1. Thank you for your help, I will be sure to check these things out.
  2. I have attached two files of a very basic bluff body and undertray, one is simply the model and the other is the same model meshed. Thank you ydigit for your help Tim Basic .HM models.zip
  3. In Hypermesh I've been using mixed elements. I am also making sure there is an intersection between the wheels and the tunnel floor. I have continued my attempts to get the full car model running correctly in VWT and it is still returning the same/similar results to before; with numerous mesh elements dotted around and not as the whole car. A few more details, I am first scaling the model in Hypermesh, then 2D automeshing the assembly, then checking the mesh to make sure there are no duplicates or other issues with it. After this I am exporting it to VWT in the .nas format. Tim
  4. Hi, I am very new to Virtual Wind Tunnel and Hyperworks in general, been at it for a mere few days, so my issue may be incredibly basic. My issue; I am using Solidworks to create a car model assembly, importing that into Hypermesh and meshing it. Everything seems to go correctly here. I am then importing the meshed file into Virtual Wind Tunnel, setting everything up and running the simulation. My issues comes with the results; it is 'seeing' my model as a number of dots/mesh elements, not as the whole model (I have attached a screenshot, poor quality but it gets my issue across). This could well be an issue with my model or meshing but I really have no idea. I have tried lots of things over the past couple of days to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Tim
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