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  1. Thankyou for the reply, Can you please elaborate " display purpose" with an example?
  2. hello, What is the use of plot element? any example ofits use? Thankyou
  3. Hello, I am confused abt the orientation used for 1d elements in bar panel of hypermesh. please explain and also suggest some article to read abt it. thankyou
  4. What are the uses of normals in FEA & FEM?
  5. how to decide what kind of elements to be used for different types of analysis? please explain breifly.
  6. thank you for helping me to understand.
  7. How does a computer can know to which component in an assembly acceleration needs to be applied. As we don't give any input to GRAV of component or assembly
  8. I m having problem to understand GRAV card image of load collector. please help
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