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  1. Thank you George for your reply. I'm checking attached file. Best.
  2. Hi guys, I'm trying to define the temperature influence on material flow stress but I don't achieve that the model recognise temperature effect. I have already calculated the m exponent and I have Tr and Tmelt of material. Could you help me to discover why temperature influence term doesn't function in my RADIOSS model? Do you know about tutorial o example which to explain how set-up *.rad file for Johnson Cook model with temperature influence on flow stress? Thanks.
  3. Hi George, Thank you for your reply. I will check for update.
  4. Hi George, thank you for your answer. I have reviewed the Johnson_plast card in my software HyperCrash V14.0 and I don't find the Iflag. What is your HC version? Do you know about I don't have this option and How I could have it? Thank you again.
  5. Hello, In material card for Johnson-Cook formulation, how I active the Iflag option to 1? The helping for the new card /MAT/LAW2 shows an option to change the Input type flag, but in file Runname_0000.rad, this option isn't available. I'm using Radioss V14. Thank you!
  6. Hi guys. How I get to obtain a sequences frames pictures from an animation in HV? Does HV have a tool for to do this? Thanks!
  7. javi86

    Error 529

    The error is solved. MAT/LAW60 need four functions minimum to run correctly. Thanks for your help.
  8. javi86

    Error 529

    Yes, I have referenced the three function in LAW60 material card.
  9. javi86

    Error 529

    A stress-strain function is the follwing:
  10. javi86

    Error 529

    Hi guys. I have a problem with the mat/law60. I launch Radioss, but it generate an error in the file .out I have defined three functions for three strain rate. Could somebody help me with this error? Thanks.
  11. Hi. In the image, I show the situation of component with variable thick in your length. Thanks.
  12. Hi everybody. Is possible to create a component with different thickness along of its length, for example like a wedge? I want to create a component with variable thick but progressively without a drastic change between sections of the component. Thanks for your answers.
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