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  1. Hi Vikas, I've your mail I'd and have sent out a mail to you.
  2. Hi Vikas, Thanks for your reply. Does Radioss support fatigue calculations? Ideally I would prefer to go with Optistruct as I do not have prior experience in Radioss block format. Could you please suggest any equivalent method to do drop test in Optistruct followed by fatigue?
  3. Hi Vikas, Kindly let me know if you need more details on the request. I've seen that there is a option called "InvelB" but, I am not sure what it mean by Body identification number and how to define it?
  4. Hi Vikas, I want to perform fatigue analysis by simulating drop test analysis.
  5. Hi, Can someone please explain how to apply initial velocity for a particular part in Optisruct?
  6. Hi, Is there any way to find total deflection/deformation after the 'n' number of cycles in Hyperview? We can get the deflection/deformation for the 1st cycle but my requirement is at the end of the life. Can anyone pls help me on this? Thanks, Suresh
  7. Hi, I want to do Fatigue (durability analysis - cyclic) analysis using Optistruct. Also, the load should be applied at two different rates (10 & 30 cycles per minute). Could anyone please help me on doing this as I new to the fatigue analysis?
  8. Hi Tinh, I have made a simple model and tested as you said but the results are still different (deflection & stress variations are more). I didn't get your 2nd point "when using hex8 or quad4 elforms you should also care about locking (full IP), locking also make model stiffer, so elem size should be smaller than 1-IP form". Could you please explain it.
  9. Hi Tinh, Thanks for your reply. yes, I'm using LS-Dyna implicit code. I heard that the tet element size should be half of the hex element size (if hex element size is 2mm then tet should be 1mm). Is it true?
  10. Hi, I'm doing a study on which element types would opt for static analysis. Could anyone please help me in selecting the element type (Shell/Hex/Tet) and element formulation in ls-dyna. Also, I'm getting different results when I make the mesh more finer. Should there be any mesh size variations to be maintained between Hex and Tet elements or same element size can be used for both element types with different elforms? Please let me know if anyone can help me on this. Thanks, Suresh
  11. Hi Rahul, I have got it now. Include option was selected when I importing the file, that's why I got the issue. Thanks for your reply. Thanks, Suresh
  12. Hi, When I import any file in Hypermesh, Include file is automatically creating as shown below even though the main file doesn't contain any includes. Could anyone please let me know how to remove this setting? Thanks, Suresh
  13. Hi Pamit, Open the hm file in 13.0 and you can see Export option as shown below. Export your file (i.e. fem/k file) that will support in any versions and Import in 12.0 and save as hm file.
  14. Thanks Rahul. Our customer wants it to be done using LS-Dyna. But, we will consider Radioss too.
  15. Hi, I would like to simulate a static analysis on O-ring (rubber part) using LS-Dyna. Is it possible to simulate the part using MAT_24 card as I don't have any specific rubber material properties for other specific rubber material cards such as MAT_7, 27, 31...? Could anyone please help me on this asap.
  16. Thanks Prakash. Is there any way to apply the torque directly?
  17. Hi, I'm new to Optistruct. I would like to apply torque to my model or any equivalent load to torque is suffice. I'm not sure which load card need to be defined to rotate my model. Could anyone please help me on this with an example.
  18. Hi Prakash, Will it affect the results if control card is not defined for this modal analysis?
  19. Hi, Thanks for your reply. If I follow the above method, I will get equal mass on all nodes. Even though I update the mass in a particular area, the nodes whichever come under the area will be having equal mass. For ex. If 1000's of nodes are there, I need 1000 different masses need to be updated automatically on all nodes. I think Primer might have this option but I need it to be done using Hypermesh.
  20. Hi, How to spread the mass on nodes using LS-Dyna (i.e, each node is having different mass)? If we select a component to add a mass then each node is having same mass but I need different masses to be added on each node. Could anyone please help on this.
  21. Hi, I am converting a model from LS-Dyna to Optistruct to check the frequency (Modal Analysis). How to convert LS-Dyna single surface/surface to surface contact to Optistruct method? What is the equivalent method to convert these type of contacts? Please reply at the earliest.
  22. Hi Rahul and Tinh, I have got it. Thanks for your help.
  23. Hi Tinh, Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I can't able to find the hidden line option under Post. I can only see options like Deformed, Contour, Vector plot and Transient under Post. Please help me on this.
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