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  1. hi prakash thank you so much .That was a great work ,the example model was built with a great detail . That model will solve my problem
  2. hi sorry to trouble you, this sounds too complex,i went through the help.where should iinput this function? should it be written in template,can u give me a example how it should be used. 1.) My condition is to make the system run with a constant velocity on the slope 2.)how to use Gcon for the rear revolute joint in the pic so that entire system runs on a constant velocity in the slope lets consider angular velocity of the rear wheel to be 2 rad/sec . so that it runs with the constant velocity on the slope thank you
  3. hi thank you what expression can i impose to maintain a constant velocity in the slope it seems to free fall
  4. hi i have given constant velocity for the joint and have given contacts between the roller and floor .so for this model when its goes down the slope it over rides the initial condition that i have given for the joint, that is it rolls freely as in a free fall .Is there anyway so that i can make the system run with constant velocity even on a slope with down gradient thank you
  5. yes i have tried it in 10 its working but in 12 its not working .ill share the file in ur drop box ,thank u
  6. I have done this ptcv joint tutorial in motionview 10 but it is not working in MV 12.I have carefully followed all instructions but it gives error saying entity b02 empty in advanced joint even though i have selected the marker and curve for body 2. Thank you for answers
  7. Thanks u so much for the reply sir . Giving ptdsf joint becomes tedious when I want to define contact between flex surface to flex surface even though i can select the interface nodes of the flex body1 as a point and deformable surface of flex body2 the solver gives me a error that parametric value of deformable surface went out of range value =.5015, how to increase this parametric value of this deformable surface beyond this range. thank u
  8. How to assign 3d flex to flex contact like in recurdyn (not point to deformable surface) plz kindly provide me a solution
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