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  1. Thank you very much. After i changed the component names it worked. (>> without ä ü ö)
  2. Hello, i want to simulate my model with VWT but the Simulation stops with creating the CAD.DIR. Folder and Modell in the Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/i2y8jzgemuhgcur/AAAzoBCQAlU2wUunfkmuU3x-a?dl=0 In my opinion my modell is meshed properly and i did the same as always. It would be nice if someone could help me. Thanks
  3. Hello, 1. I wanted to know if it is possible to calculate the resultant Force (or Moment) on an object in Virtal Wind Tunnel. I am simulating an undertray with diffusor. VWT is only showing the lift-, drag-,.. coefficients in the "analysis.pdf"-report. It would be great if i could see: - resultant Force on the entire car (e.g. total Downforce) - component Forces on the entire car (e.g. Downforce and Drag) - resultant Force on every component - component Forces on every component (-...Moments) (-...pressures) I found the option "Extended surface result output" which i can activate for every component. But i don't know how to make use of it. Can you please explain "output frequency" and "keep all output files - All or Last". Where is the difference and why VWT don't shows those Force in the "analysis.pdf"? Are there more ways to calculate Forces instead of coefficents? (if extended surface output is the answer) Is there also a way to calculate the forces of my latest simulations with the data i got in the report or files without simulating them again? 2. How can i watch my simulation (e.g. flow flield or pressures) with HyperView or HyperGraph? Or should i better use AcuFieldView? (What programs can i use for post processing? What are the benefits of those compared to each other?) Are there step-by-step tutorials for those programs? Where can i find them? How can i open my simulation with those programs? 3. Is there a list of command controlls for VWT? Where can i find advanced tutorials for postprocessing and simulating with VWT? Please try to answer with step by step explanations. If i need to enter a command in the VWT console please write the command similary so that i can copy&paste it. Thank you. Greetings
  4. Hello, thank you for the quick responses and the help. I think it was a hardware problem. I am really happy that my simulation worked. gratz
  5. Ok i try it again. Mesh: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8hv67byugt28xrn/Frontwing-Straight-V1-mesh.nas?dl=0
  6. Hello, I tried to simulate the Frontwing of our Formula Student car. I generated a proper Mesh (as you see in the Dropbox link). However Virtual Wind Tunnel is not calculating even if the Mesh was generated and i have no intersections. Is there a Problem with positioning or refinement zones? (VWT Report also in the Dropbox) https://www.dropbox.com/sh/pui9dgpk2oed0lr/AADiZajnV8nUKi9monsQVkjra?dl=0
  7. Hello, i try to mesh a Wing for CFD Analysis with VWT. In the Analysis of the Mesh i have a lot of intersections and the automatic fix is not working. The Endplates are out of Solids. The rest of the Wing is out of Surfaces. I deleted the solids and kept the surfaces of the solids but there was the same problem again. How can i remove those self intersections? (see dropboxfile) or Is there maybe a way to trim components with other components and merge the surfaces of those components? Mesh: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vqmqcbc4o0fpayl/FrontWing.hm?dl=0 (CAD modell http://www.dropbox.com/s/fn9f7msqx0cowta/frontwing.IGS?dl=0 )
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