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  1. Hello, Currently I am doing P-FSI with VWT 2017.2. For this purpose I have looked at the instructions on this topic by Ratzel and Nainani. I have two questions regarding the generation of stiffness information about eigenmodes. 1. Is it pointless to carry out the eigenvalue analysis for a single component without spatial fixation (with the consequence that one would have six rigid body modes)? Or can VWT via AccuSolve handle it? 2. Suppose I have an assembly that is made up of several components. Only one component from this assembly is to be exposed to a flow in the VWT. However, in order to map the correct deformation of this component due to the flow, one would have to know the stiffness information of the whole assembly (the components are mechanically coupled in the assembly). Is it possible to generate the eigenmodes for the whole assembly and assign them to the one component (via OP2 in OptiStruct) that is considered in the VWT so that this one component combines the stiffness information of all components?
  2. Hello, another question. It seems that the tutorial files have not been installed. Is there another possibility to get the tutorial files? Maybe via Altair Connect?
  3. Hi Felipe M Leila, thanks for your respond. I am using the attached file. Thanks for that. However the mentioned path location doesn't exist.
  4. Hello, I cannot find the sla_flex_left.fem file for the MV-2010: Flexbody Generation using Flex Prep and Optistruct tutorial in the installation directory of HyperWorks. My HyperWorks version is 2017. According to the instruction I have to copy the sla_flex.fem file which should be located in the mbd_modeling/flexbodies folder. But there is no such folder. I have also searched in the 2017 installation folder for HyperWorks after this. Sadly no result. Where I can find this file?
  5. Hello, I have less experience. I started two weeks ago. I looked after certain instructions. However I haven't found the right command until now. So I am asking in this forum. For me it is sufficient when I can open the image by an certain command. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I would like to open an image by a button. For example, I click on a button which opens a message box with text and a certain image (below the text). The image is a bmp-file and is stored in a certain directory. Is there a possibility to do it? Thanks.
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