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  1. You can try this Go to Geo panel - Quick edit panel (F11) - Select washer option and give the offset value. Now select the line of the whole. It will create waher of specified dia on surface of the solid
  2. Hi, There is another method to connect these two parts quickly.... 1. goto 1D-> Spot weld 2. Select using "nodes sub-panel" 3. Make sure you have clicked nodes-nodes option (bottom left) 4. Toggle element config- rigid 5. In search tolerance- specify the distance b/w the edges 6.In independent nodes select all nodes on one edge (either by "by path option or else) 7. In dependent nodes select all nodes on the second edge 8. create
  3. Hello Every one, I have to model conveyor pulley using 3D element. I have many pulleys to model (usually this pulley has only varying shaft and hub dia and thickness). Can anyone suggest me how automate it. Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, Can anyone tell me the importance of stress output from the modal analysis?? Thanks in advance for any help
  5. Hi, Go to option page, by hitting "O" and give element size alternatively you can go to automesh sub-panel ( mesh- create- 2D Automesh or Just hit F12) and define element size there
  6. hi, i have a rotor assembly. I want to know if there is any method in hypermesh to apply centrifugal force?? Description of model:- It consist of a shaft which can rotate in a bearing. Shaft has two discs at ends attached. The discs has hole via which a rod is connected. Now that rod has some smaller discs(hammers) again. These hammers can rotate about the rod. Can anyone help me to find the centrifugal force in the hammers when I am given rpm of shaft, power of motor.. thanks in advance
  7. Its easy... 1.First of all make sure that the mesh you want to export is in a different collector. 2. Second make sure that only those mesh are displayed which is to be exported. You can easily isolate that component from model browser. 3.File-export- <in export option ensure it is displayed>- export.
  8. You can export the hypermesh (V11) model in any solver format and then can import the same in hypermesh V10. For Export File-Export- Solver deck model For import File-import-solver deck model
  9. Hi, basically I may have not understand your problem completely but what I understood is that you have a component whose some portion is hex meshed and few portion is complex show you want to tetmesh to that part... If this is the case, then you can try this... Get faces of the hex mesh( tool panel-faces),mesh the remaining volume by quad elements or R-tria. Just ensure that outer edge of the face(from hex mesh) has nodal connectivity with quad elements( I am sure it can be easily done as component via equivalence or replace) and then simply go to tet mesh option and select the volume (which include face and quad element) and tet mesh. Or you can use ruled option to make quad elements between the node of the face(from hex element) and lines of the unmeshed volume. This will ensure nodal connectivity. Other processes are same
  10. from the image I can conclude that you have constrained the model in only translation of all direction i.e. 123 but I guess you have to constained the model also in rotatonal direction of axis about which it will rotate.( If axis of rotation of bolt is X then please constrain 4 also).
  11. Hi when we export model from hypermesh, the important think we must keep in mind is unit. 1. I am assuming that you exported whole model but its of very small size. So you simply while exporting has to do is: In export option's dimension toggle for mm or other unit you want.( At moment i guess its in micron thats why very small size of file). 2. Hypermesh export option for geometry can only work if there is surface/geometry in model but not FE.( However you can convert FE model first in geometry and then export) 3. Make sure in exports option, export option is all. If you want to export whole model.
  12. Yes the grav load will be applicable to all the elements of the chassis(ie all component).
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