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  1. Ok solved! Problem is cause from insuficient disk space! Guess I've burned it out a little!!! :-)
  2. Hello! I am getting in varius size and stack optimization runs the message ERROR 222: "Error writing record into direct access file - unit number 80." Can anyone help me with this? What is the case of the error? Thanks a lot
  3. Hello, I am trying to export data from Hypermesh to Excell and in specific some responses from optimization. Can anyone help me on how to do this correct? There is a guide line in the manual but I have tried it out and nothing is working. For a reason I do not get data exported! Any advice apricciated! Best regards Yanni
  4. Hello again! I have proceed with the primary analysis of the model an want now to do a Optimization simlation. What is the corect way to proceed in such a case of a sandwich composite with diferen materials top and bottom and honeycomp material in the center? Is it posible to keep the arranged plies as they are and only do a ply thickness optimization, or should I run a free size optimization first and then do a size and shufle optimization? The model is a compination of 3 plies - 1 ply - 4 plies of different material from the begining and I am wondering if it is posible to keep the originat arrangement and do a simulation only on the ply thicknesses in order to minimize the mass keeping the total displacement and stress under certain numbers! Would appreciate any given advise!! Thank you in advance Yannis
  5. Yes this is correct! I am working on my Master Thesis on composites and use the same version 13.0 and when I try to create Load steps from the Model Browser by right click in the model browser and create Load step I get an error of "Selected subcase (XYZ) is not compatible with the type of response" . If I create the same Load Step from the Analysis panel the error does not occur. Hope that is is fixed on the new version.
  6. Thank you very much for your answer. It has been very helpfull. I wish the best for 2015 Thanks again Yanni
  7. Hello Mr. Prakash Pagadala, thank you very much for your reply! As far as I can understand from your reply, if I do not have 3d elements, I can not use a material MAT9 since it only compatible with 3d elements, correct? I have already tried to create 3d elements out of my geometry by offseting my 2d elements and to aply in each element level different material but due to complex geometry my pc can not do the job i suppose and it keeps crashing down (maybe it is not possible eather with such complex design...) The thing is the project has a MAT9 material with all the details ( G11 to G66, RHO, A and TREF) and I have to use it for the composite laminate. It is going to be a sandwitch like material having carbon fibers top and bottom and honeycomb material between. I am trying to figure out if there should be from the beginning a 3d solid instead a 2d drawing in order for the material to be applicable or if the material characterization of MAT9 is not correct. I have an other question for anyone that can help me clarify this: 1) Is there an other way to model sandwitch components without having 3d elements and use MAT9 as the midle section of the composite? Thank you once again for your valuable help Your answer has been most enlightening for me. Yanni
  8. Hello, my name is Yanni Eleftheriadis and I am new to Optistruct and Hypermesh. I am currently working on a project on Optistruct that has to do with modeling a composite material and I would appreciate any advise on how to model the composite material with the following details: My compound should be made from three plies of carbon fiber, one ply of honeycomb material and four plies of carbon fiber. What I have to start with is a shell geometry without any thickness. The honeycomb material has a given spec of MAT9 and the carbon fiber a spec of MAT8. 1) I have tried to form a laminate using Hyperlaminate but I can not get MAT9 inside the panel to build the laminate. 2) I checked for MAT9 and I found that I can only use it in 3d elements which I do not have since my geometry is a shell (Can I get from a shell geometry 3d elements?). 3) I tried to form a solid geometry by offsetting 2d elements from my shell but the geometry is so complex that my computer is anable to resolve. In order to be clear and not to confuse what I mean by shell is that my model ( car seat ) has a complex 3d geometry that has no thickness. When I use a PCOMPP or PCOMPG property and create the laminate without using the Hyperlaminate panel, it looks ok and I get a visualization on the screen on how the compound should look like but I am not sure if this is the correct proccedure. My question is: How can I model a honeycomb composite material with MAT9 and MAT8 composites in it when starting from a 2d geometry? Can someone help me with this? I would be gratefull for any tip and advice. Thanks in advance Yanni Eleftheriadis
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