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  1. first differentiate the load collectors with different colours and then mask one by one to see the loads. By colours you can see the load collectors.
  2. The files are in zip. please check nominal run file i.e. .out file. in it the errores are mentioned minor project.zip
  3. it is free from error. it runs fine with design variable as thickness but give error in case of shape design variable
  4. while running solver stops and error written in .out file.
  5. the solver stops and error is written in .out file in nom_1 folder...... complete file is zipped and attached below minor project.zip
  6. actually the solver stopped working and no results generated
  7. while learning the tutorials hs 4220 and 4420. the output of nominal run is not created instead of this the radioss files are found in folder...
  8. following is zip file contain snapshots and file generated in approach folder problem.zip
  9. unknown type of file is generated instead of t01. same prob with tutorial 4420
  10. in message it shows generating design for(.............) but file is not generated in approach directory or its subdirectories
  11. its OK but how shape is parameterized for impact test in radioss
  12. i have to optimize the semi-apical angle of it. so it is defined in radioss. how i can define design variables in it.
  13. thanks I got after removing /DT . please let me know why
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