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  1. Below is the graph for RKE , CE and Hourglass Energy , together these do not contribute much to the Total Energy The total Energy graph and total Trans Energy and Total rotational Energy are almost same. below is the graph for Energies and External forces work. @Hyperman The HTC paper itself mentions that Energy should remain constant and is more or less constant throughout Simulation. Can total energy increase in such analysis when no energy is created ? What can contribute to it? I think Energy should remain constant in such analysis.
  2. I am conducting a rollover simulation. After collision my energy is constantly rising The loads in the model are gravity and initial angular velocity. The tube material mostly used is contributing to the internal energy and overall total energy, Such that internal energy is exceeding total Energy the internal energy of material used for structure tube is most contributing to this . The material Card used is MAT36 and Sliding with friction is used for ground. Below is the graph for Kinetic energy and internal energy of tube material along with Global Kinetic and internal Energy
  3. i want to simulte a plstic component with static load on it. Which Material card should I use? i have flexural strength, flexural modulus , tensile strngth , tensile strength at break and charpy impact strength. Can optistruct take high displacement for plastic parts.?
  4. I'm referring to same example. once i import this model in hm 13.0 The contacts are defined in cards via unsupported cards and Shell node 16 elements are not visible in hYPERMESH. aLTHOUGH THEY CAN BE SEEN IN HYPERCRASH.
  5. i am trying to simulate gears in Radioss. and found a tutorial of similar case. But when i import this model, 16 shell node elements are not present.( the one in red and blue) Also the contact interface referred in model are made from unsupported cards in hypermesh. How to create 16 shell elements in Radioss and is there any other way to define such contact.? can we use type 7 or type 19 or type 24 for gear contact?
  6. Thanks Andy. But i am using Hypermesh 13 and file you have sent belongs to HW 18. Can you convert this into block 120?
  7. i am trying to simulate shear failure in bolt in which head of bolt tears off due to shear load. I've used type 13 spring along with a local co-ordinate system and pre-tension curve . What is the best way to capture shear load failure. and what is the best way to apply pretension type 32 or type 13 spring. Should washers be modeled as rigid.?
  8. I created in interface 24 by using same methodology by using surf_ext card using component but i get following warning , it seems the solver has removed contact as penetrations is observed in animations. Also the forces in my model are below 1000 N as shown in graph above so i avoided stmin for now. INTERFACE NUMBER : 3 group1 WARNING ID : 1022 ** WARNING WITH SURFACE S1 S2 INPUT IN TYPE24 DESCRIPTION : -- INTERFACE ID : 3 -- INTERFACE TITLE : group1 SURFACE S1 S2 INPUT ARE IDENTICAL CHANGE TO ONE SURFACE INPUT : S2=0
  9. I am simulating a rubber component where rubber has a self - contact as it compresses, but i can see through animations that elements are intersecting and penetrating. I have defined type 19 self -contact (with Istf=4 and inacti 6 and igap =1) by using surf cards via components. and used mat 42 as material card and Isolid 24 as formulation. with material property. The model is in volume cavity and can only displaces in gap between it and load is applied horizontally by displacing a rigid shell along outerbody in horizontal direction and rigid element with internal nodes of rubber is fixed in space. Cut -section displacement <2mm (gap is 2mm) and element start to deform at before gap reduction element distortion and time step is reducing .there is penetrations and intersection between elements despite self-contact what should be contact parameters or any other input to avoid such behaviour?
  10. Sir,

    I am doing a rollover analysis of a bus, for that i have given initial velocity as 10mm/s in the SET, but its just deforming at the place where the velocity is given

    Can u just help me out on what I should do to make the bus rollover on the platform.



    1. harshitpuri


      Sorry for late reply. somehow i missed your message. However in case of rollover why are you applying you may meed to apply initial velocity around an axis instead of initial velocity which will be in rad/s .

  11. i am trying to run a job via a restart file generated when i solved the job using (-nt 15 and -np 15) 225 processes. i am inputting same command line to use 0002.rad files but the job isn't running. there are 15 files present for restart - 0001_0001.rst to 0001_0015.rst but i am unable to run the job . it is giving me following error i am attaching 0001.out and 0002.out files oct_trial2_0001.out oct_trial2_0002.out
  12. Thanks. will keep this in mind for future.
  13. problem resolved just going through the model i realized it was the astrix mark before comp. name that was creating problem. As soon as i removed it the issue was resolved. *noted for further. Thanks for prompt reply . i am using HW 13 and preference radioss block 130 Regards harshit
  14. I have modeled a bus and i am interested to see the cg of the bus but when i execute the process the summary page displays only first 4 components and doesn't display rest 90 components neither total mass nor C.G I have tried with other templates and none of them show more than 4 components where as model has 96 components. I have tried restarting my workstation after deleting temp and command and hmsettings file as well,on another workstations but the problem exists with this file. But unable to find any reason behind it.
  15. Check your boundary condition have you applied them on rigid nodes also?
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