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  1. thanks for replying.where can I find more details regarding Strength Ratio.Any particular tutorial video or article? And I never get my SR in terms of 0.8 or 1.5 it always ranges from 12 to 26
  2. hello, optistruct>> I have applied a load of 565 pounds (equivalent to 2500N) on a leaf spring.The simulation results say the spring will deform to a length of 38(1.5 inch) mm to failure.The failure index is 2.744.Is there a way to determine at which load the failure will occur.It is obvious the spring wont sustain 565 pounds as the failure index is way to high.So it would fail before that but the question is at what load i.e at 200 pounds , 250 pounds etc etc ?
  3. CASE - mm element size = 1.800 mesh type = quads total mesh elements = 17100 (finer mesh) CASE - inches element size = 6.001e - 01 (0.6001) mesh type = quads total mesh elements = 246 (coarse mesh compared to case mm)
  4. hello, when I mesh my model (units in mm)- Belleville washer using quads I get around 8000 quad meshed elements. But when I use the same model (units in inches) and mesh it using quad elements I get only 1000 quad meshed elements. moreover the model has a failure index of 0.91 using material properties >> optistruct >> MAT 8 card units>> lbf/in^2 and at the same time, for the same model the failure index goes up to 1.208 when I change the material properties to MPa. Why is this happening?
  5. I did try out what you said above. But for a particular case my composite failure index is 7.98(which should be actually less than <1 to avoid failure) and my composite strength ratio is 28.17(greater than 1 in order to avoid failure). What does this indicate? if we go with the composite failure index the model is failing but at the same time if we go with the composite strength ration the model doesn't.
  6. Hello, for my model, the composite failure index is around 0.6 but plys with maximum FI varies from 10 in some places to 1. Does that mean my model/structure composite will fail.As far I know if the composite failure index is <1 then the composite should not fail. Just a bit worried about the ply(s) with maximum FI. could someone help me with this. Thanking you in advance.
  7. I am sorry but I could not understand what do you mean by a penalty term is used to enforce a very high transverse shear stiffness??
  8. what about G1Z, G2Z, TREF, STRN and F12??
  9. OPTISTRUCT>>MATERIAL>>MAT 8 I was just wondering if while defining material mechanical properties using a MAT 8 card is it necessary to define all the tabs?? I have only defined E1, E2, NU12, RHO, G12, Xt, Xc, Yt, Yc, S. I still get my results. Thanking you, Sritej Kalas
  10. hello, I was just wondering if all the dimensions used in my model are in inches and I am applying a force in pounds,what units shall I chose for the youngs modulus(carbon fibre) and density(carbon fibre) in order to get my output results or to be more precise spring rate in pounds/inches.
  11. hello, I was just wondering if the composite failure index value needs to be less than 1 always in order not to cause any kind of fracture or snapping of the structure? Or is it allowable to use a structure even if the value is more than 1?
  12. hello, how to carry out a fatigue analysis in optistruct? I couldn't find an step by step resource.It would be great if someone can explain. thank you.
  13. hello, can anyone please let me know how does vonmisses stress and displacement(in optistruct preference) vary with respect to the change in mesh density or mesh element size.If suppose I increase my mesh element size from 1,2,3...50 (gradually the number of nodes created gets decreased) how will this effect my vonmisses stress and displacement??? is it like stress and displacement are maximum when the mesh element size is the least i.e., 1 and gradually decreases as the mesh element size increases from 1??? Thanking you in advance. SRITEJ KALAS
  14. hello everyone, I have simulated a leaf spring(only 1 leaf) and a Belleville washer(1 washer) made up of carbon fibre in optistruct.I have completed the analysis in hyper view and have results for the von misses stress, displacement, composite failure, composite index etc. Can anyone please let me know of a possible way if I can find the spring constant from hyper view or with the above stated results. Thanking you in advance.
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