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  1. Hi friends plz let me know how to do full vehicle build what strategy need to use. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi friends plz give guidance in abaqus conncetors
  3. Hi friends plz guide me to plot iihs intrusion plot and how to interprete it.
  4. Hi friends plz let me know if i imported abaqus .inp file in hypermesh am getting odd mesh plz helpme 1.inp
  5. Hi friends help me out to create cylindrcal and universal joint while selecting nodes am finding difficulties and which node i need to coincident
  6. hi can anyone explain how to setup fatigue for nastran using hypermesh
  7. Hi all can anyone tell me how to define mesh independent weld connection for Ls dyna profile
  8. Engine idle sensitivity template Eng block...... Tag point selection I won't be able to select tag point plz guide me how select it
  9. Hi everyone can anyone explains how to set up a deck for nastran to carryout power train nvh .
  10. How to define mpcs in road response analysis can anyone help me out and what are the inputs required to define road response analysis.
  11. msp


    Hi I did the TPA thanks a lot. Its awesome
  12. Hi rahul am bit confused carrying out TPA I just want to know what CSV file contains and how to prepare it plz guide me.
  13. Hi I did using ref what u sent thanks a lot and can you give some ref to carryout order analysis Thanks in advance
  14. msp


    Hi thanks a lot.
  15. How to set deck using hm and how to do TPA analysis visualization in hypergraph
  16. msp


    Hi can anyone explains about transfer path analysis how to set up in hypermesh for nastran Thanks
  17. Plz explain how these are used in road response analysis
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