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  1. Thanks! Could you please share the .fem file with me? I export the .fem file and check the Dshape card, and find there has EXTR option.Actually, I strongly need extrusion instead of draw.
  2. Thanks very much for your reply. I only select extrusion direction parameter in free shape panel.The direction is along the hole {X:1 Y:0 Z:0},see figure attached.ex Results show that extrusion direction doesn't work, which puzzles me. Hope you can help. I update the model again. Cylinder_hole_Extrusion.hm
  3. I want to use "Extrusion Constraint" in free shape optimization to simulate the manufacturing condition. The model here is a cylinder with a hole to be optimized,see figure 1. After optimization has been converged, the results show that "Extrusion Constraint" doesn't work.Please see figure 3. Hope the optimization experts could help me realize the extrusion in free shape opt. Thanks very very much! Cylinder_hole_Extrusiton.hm Cylinder_hole_Extrusiton_des.h3d
  4. In optimization for FRF, it's very useful to run modal analysis once before getting FRF results in multiple load conditions (e.g different Fx Fy Fz on same structure ). Hope you can let me know how to set this option.Thanks!
  5. Thank you Rahul! I just want to compare OS with other softwares like abaqus. Abaqus have different types of element(property) for thin and thick shell. Do you mean that we can only use pshell for both thin and thick shell??
  6. Thank you very much Prakash! Do you mean that ,by default, the analysis system of beam/shell element is its elemental system while solid element is global system? Is there any way I can see or change some element's analysis system?
  7. Dear all experts, I have two questions about the coordinate system in post-processing and pre-processing,hope you can help me: 1. In hyperview, what's the analysis system? Isn't it the same as element stress. please see figure 1 attached. 2. In hypermesh, when we create response for static stress, which coordinate system are the normal x,y and shear xy in? I guess the answer is the analysis system above,but I'm not sure.please see figure 2 attached. I think the answers to these two questions are very helpful for us to understand OS.Thanks!
  8. I don't think using solid element is a good method if the 1/6<thickness/length<1/3
  9. Usually,the pshell is used for "thin shell". But for "thick shell", how to establish the model using 2D element in OptiStruct (not in RADIOSS ) Thanks for your help
  10. Thanks very much. I've seen a hypermesh tutorial that there is a grid in every shell element. Perhaps I make a mistake~
  11. Thanks! I use spline panel, but the boundary nodes don't mach (nodes are uniformly distributed).How to deal with this problem?
  12. How to mesh surface if its boundary node is not uniform! Using Ruled Panel is usually unsatisfying. Thanks!
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