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  1. Hey guys, Did you had any luck to perform this task on TCL code? I'm trying to do so for a script I'm writing. Br Lawrence
  2. Hello all, Does anyone knows how to create all the types of Abaqus MPC's on Hypermesh? I went to the element type panel, but it seems that just some of the avaliable types can be created as rigid's (BEAM, LINK, PIN and TIE), however, some other types that appear on Abaqus Analysis User’s guide – 35.2.2 (ELBOW, REVOLUTE, SLIDER, etc) cannot be selected. Best regards, Lawrence
  3. Hello, First of all, great job, this topic is really useful! I just have one question. How do I create a second level of cascade? I want that after "Category 1" a new cascade appears with "Category 1_1" and "Category 1_2" and then I'll place my macros on those menus. Regards, Lawrence
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