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  1. Hello Everyone, Please what is the role of BEARING OPTIMIZATION ? If I enable it before performing my analysis , it will help me to correct automatically the bearing length ? Thanks a lots,
  2. Hello everybody, At this time, I dont know wich solver MetalExtrude use for running analysis, Can we export data from is and run analysis directly in an outter solver like Optistruct for example ? Regards,
  3. Sorry for disturbing you, Can you tell me how they created these 2 shapes ?
  4. Please can you give me also the tutorial of this example ?
  5. Hello Everybody, I have a modele where I will apply ultimate load. It will be a non linear analysis to detect the plastic strain. I want to know if I can do optimization with optistruct with plastic results ? Thanks for your answer,
  6. Hi Prakash, I don't see the displacement for a modal analysis because such analysis give us juste frequencies & eigen mode , My question is : what is the analysis that i shoud apply to have displacement of my bracket in the first mode ? is it modal frequency response ? if yes, wich excitation i shoud use ? Hope my question is clear known Thnaks,
  7. Hi All, I do an modal analysis for a constrained Bracket, i want to Know the value of the maximal displacement in the first mode, i don't have any idea about the excitation that i shoud apply, Or the nature of vibration analysis to do Any help please,
  8. Hi all, I have a probleme wichi i have a lot of load collectors, there is any way to regroup these collectors in one ?, because in my loadstep , it required to choose juste one collector, Thanks for Help,
  9. Hi all, i know now how to do some forming analysis in Hyperform,but i don't know how choose the right parameters such as : blankholder force , depth of die , etc Any one can help me, Thanks a lot
  10. oggy

    base mat

    Yes Sir, Exactly
  11. oggy

    base mat

    Thanks sir for your answer, but i search a database that contain parameter to obtain the real curve of the material, like Yeild stress, tenseil stress and harding parameter ( n )
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