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  1. Hallo Prakash. Now I ran the free size optimisation and I get really good results. Thank you again for your help. But now I want to export the ply-shape of the plys and I don´t know how to do it. I want to export the different ply shapes to solidworks (as a .step) to edit them. Can you tell me how to do that? I don´t find anything in the online help or the support forum. Thank you for your help
  2. Hi Prakash. I changed some things in the model. Now there are no hidden Plys anymore. I uploaded the model as .fem file to your dropbox. Regarding to the loadsteps. I have 9 loadsteps in my model. I want to constrain 8 of them by displacement with 3.5mm. The ninth loadstep is only for torsion. I want to constrain it by an other displacement constrain with 2.8mm. It is important that the ninth loadstep is constrained by displacement. The other 8 could also been constrained by any other type. Do you have an idea if there is an other type of constrain that I could take?
  3. Can you tell me what is wrong with my manufacturing constraints and my DSIZE? Is it possible to constraint the loadsteps in two different static displacement constraints? Or is there something like composite failure wich I can use to constraint my first 8 loadsteps? I want to constraint the last one by static displacement? I treid a lot and nearly changed everything, but I don´t get good results. It is really important that I run the optimization. I´m sorry that I have to annoy you so long with that. Thank you for your help!
  4. Hallo Prakash. Did you had a look at the model yet? I really need an answer and I don´t find a sollution for the problem by myself.
  5. Thank you very much Prakash! The optimization is running now. But the results of the optimization questianable. At first I had the Problem that the max displacement and max stresses are ok for first 5-7 iteration. Then the displacement goes up to over 100 and the stresses over 1000. I changed my responses and my constraints, but the results are still questinable. Can you have another look at my model an check if I made a mistake? I think the model is ok, but maybe the response, objective or constraint is wrong.
  6. Hallo Prakash, I checked the elements and delited the duplicate and the overlapping ones. Unfortunately the error is still exsiting. The same as before. The check is ok, but when I run the optimisation there is the error "INFEASIBLE DESIGN". Or should I constrain nodes 30109 ans 40109? Can you take another look at my model? I attached the new model. I´m happy about every type of help.
  7. Thank you for your quick response. I don´t use any constraints. I use the PARAM card with inrel= -2. I have sent you a massage with the attached model.
  8. Hallo everybody. I want to run a free size optimization with Optistruct. My model is an Formula Student Monocoque. Everything is ok until I set the optimization. I have got 9 loadcases. One of them is pure torsion. Now, that´s what I have done so far. - I set the design variable "free size" - I set a response static displacement and took two nodes (dof 3) with an dconstraint, lower an upper bound and all loadsteps - I set a response mass with an objective min I set the cards: - PARAM, in_rel=-2 - GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST: CSTRAIN and CSTRESS - OUTPUT: FSTOSZ I set opticontrol: - DESMAX= 80 - OBJTOL= 0.005 - DELTOP= 0.5 The Check is ok, but when I start an optimization there is an fatal error after about 20 minutes. INFEASIBLE DESIGN Then I tried to make an new response. The displacement response only with the loadstep with the pure torsion and another response with composite failure and the other eight loadsteps. But the free size card don´t support that response. The check and optimization .out files are attached. FInaly my question. Is there any way, how I can fix it. Or another way I can run an optimization? Thanks for your help check.txt optimization.txt
  9. Thank your for your quick Response. I get the Error: A fatal error has been detected during input processing: *** ERROR # 606 *** Element 918582 references a PCOMPP card without being referenced by any STACK card. When I make the shell to solid conversion hypermesh creates a new solid property. So I delete the shell property and assign the MAT9ORT to the solid property.
  10. Hallo everybody, I want to optimize a composite monocoque for a formula student car. For this I want to take a composite sandwich. But I still get errors, when I start the analysis. First I want to create a plate (275mm x 500mm) to look if it works like this. Here is what I have done so far: 1) load the CAD data in hyperworks 2) mesh the geometry with elementsize 4 3) create 2 materials. One for the cfk (MAT8) and one for the core (MAT9ORT) 4) create 2 properties. One PCOMPP for the laminates and one PSHELL for the core 5) create 5 plys. 2 for the inner layer, 2 for the outer layer and one for the core. Assign material, thickness and elements to the plys 6) create 3 sublaminate. One for the inner layer, one for the outer layer and one for the core 7) create a sublaminate with the 3 sublaminates 8) make a "solid to shell conversion" with laminate "core". Now there is a new component with an SOLID property. Assign material to the solid Property. (MAT9ORT) 9) assign PCOMPP property to the first component 10) create two loadcollectors for the force and for the constraint. Create a force in the middle of the plate and 4 constraints at the corners and then create a loadstep with these two loadcollectors. This is just a trial if the analysis works without failures 11) make a "GLOBAL_OUTPUT_REQUEST" with CSTRESS and CSRAIN 12) start analysis with Optistruct But everytime I start the analysis, I got an error. When I fix one error there comes another. Can you please help me to find my mistake? And can you tell whereon I have to pay attention on, when I want to make a Composite Sandwich with sublaminate and interface Laminate. Thank you for your responses. Regards
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