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  1. Hello George, Thanks a lot for sharing the model. I am going to try applying the setup in my geometry as well. Can i ask you if this workshop is going to be a Webinar one or a classroom one ? If its a classroom workshop, the pls letme know the details. i would be happy to join Thanks and regards, Palash
  2. Hey George, Thanks a lot for your answer when do you think would you be able to share the tutorial latest ? actually i am stuck in middle of this project :/ thanks again for your answer. Palash
  3. Hello, I am relatively new to RADIOS & don't have proper material data (stress strain curves) . Just to understand before going ahead with model setup in RADIOS, i wanted to know if it is also possible to do a snap through and snap back simulation with quasi static solver ? i believe it will be an implicit analysis...right ? Incase if its possible, pls guide me through a tutorial or some sample model.... Here i attach a picture of my mesh. The hooks (yellow part) and the opening (pink part) are modelled with 3-d elements and the rest of model with 2-d elements. Thanks in advance! Regards, Palash
  4. Hallo, what's the best possible way to remove these small counters protruding from the surface, in hypermesh ? attached is the picture. (its a circular rim and these contours are all through the surface) thanks in advance! Palash
  5. Hello, I am running a quasi static nonlinear analysis using Optitruct and wants to apply a load for exactly 20 seconds. Any leads on how can i set up such a load case or any tutorials if you can recommend ? Regards. Palash
  6. Prakash, regarding element quality, i have a 3-d mesh with quad elements. and i can see thet some elements are failing in Jacobian, aspect and skew. There are more then 450000 elements. Is there any work around to ignore this check beacuse it is not easy to repair each and every element. regarding contact interface stifness, i am not sure how should i check that....can you please explain ? P.S : i have already activated PARAM - CHECKEL - NO Thanks. Palash
  7. Hallo Prakash and tinh, Thanks for your answer. I have checked with ''include self interference'' as well but there are no penetrations (atleast hypermesh say so). i again checked with 'crash module' but still the same message. Attached is the picture. ''try debugging output files to find out node IDs that have penetration'' Sorry, tinh i am not sure how to perform this check. Could you please explain it ? Prakash, I am also attaching the output file with the most encountered error for me. prepared_model.out In some simulations, i have experienced a huge difference in results from nlquasistat and nlgeom cases. What to trust more...any views ? Thanks. Palash
  8. Hallo, I am trying to run a nlgeom simulation through Optistruct but the warning states that 'Initial Penetrations In Interface' but i checked using Tools -Penetration - Elements (all), there was no penetrations or interference. Could you please suggest what could be the reason of this warning and how can i avoid it in future ? i face similar situation in many simulations. Needless to say that although in itself, is just a warning but my simulation always fails after running a couple of hours. Thank you in advance! Best Regards, Palash
  9. Thanks a lot Prakash and Rahul. i made a mistake that i applied pressure on the component as a whole and not on elements. Simulation is running now.. Regards. Palash
  10. Hello, I am doing an analysis of a plate where i am applying a force of 20N from top and on the base a pressure of 1MPa. i have extracted 2-d faces(as component) and applying pressure to it. i created a Load collector (Pressure+force with cardimage LOAD) and linked pressure and force to it. Later in loadstep, i linked it to LOAD subcase. is it the correct way of doing this ? if not, then please guide. At the end i am getting following error.
  11. Hi, thanks admins for helping me out so far with questions. i am stuck at a problem and could use some help. i want to rotate this part from the centre by 10 degrees and see the stresses and moment generated in the process. how should i proceed with the setup of angular displacement ? also suggest if there is any tutorial for reference ? Thanks in advance! regards, Palash
  12. thanks Felix and Prakash for your suggestions. Prakash, is there any tutorial which you can suggest for a clear understanding ? regards.
  13. Hi, i want to connect these 2 parts with a screw. what could be the best approach in Optistruct ?? (i thought of connecting with rigid elements and giving 0 displacement but that seems not the right way....or could be ?? ) Please suggest. thanks in advance. regards Palash
  14. Hi, i had an assembly of few parts. during auto cleanup, one of the hole has been filled by hypermesh in one part and now i have interference of elements. Can you please suggest how can i create an equivalent of hole again with the elements ? (as i want these 2 parts with rigid contact). regards, Palash
  15. it is happening for this specific model for now. it is a bit complex geometry with many contact surfaces.
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