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  1. What contact settings are required to promote a press fit analysis? In Optistruct, one just creates a model with an interference fit and select NO ADJUST to allow the solution to promote the press fit. I'm sure I'm missing something simple but it's not intuitively obvious to me right now. Thanks in advance for your response.
  2. Is it possible to mix FE constraints like contact with MBD joints in Inspire Motion v2017.3.2?
  3. How do I plot an amplitude vs. frequency graph with the results generated in Inspire Motion from a sine-sweep actuator? I can export the displacement results vs time but I'm not sure if performing an FFT on it will give me what I want?
  4. Is there an example to show how the quadratic contact in RADIOSS will produce gear tooth root stresses that agree with AGMA calculations? The examples in RADIOSS show that contact can be made but when the .rad files are imported, the TYPE 16 interface needs to be created after creating thick shells on the free ends of the rigid. Fundamentally, can I skin over BRIC20 elements with 16 node thick shells and define the contact as TYPE 16?
  5. I updated to Hyperworks Desktop 14.0.130 and the Contact Tool is not available in the "Tools" dropdown. It used to be grouped with the Pretension Manager and now it is missing. Where did it go?
  6. Thanks for the tip. Including this link would have been most useful but I managed without it. link to invoking NLOUT in BULK and SUBCASE unsupported cards It appears that the writing of the results is suppressed until the solution has converged, which is where my interest lies. I know running in RADIOSS writes out results for every converged substep. Can one just create an NLPARMX with some timestep limits and NPRINT -1 to write out substep results? This way the export is created behind the scenes for the starter and engine files, correct? With a model that takes 19-21 hours to run, it is reassuring to check in periodically and make sure model behavior is proper early in the solve...
  7. Is there a way to write out results for each time step when using the implicit solver for NLSTAT in Optistruct? Or, should I convert the model to BLOCK and run it with the RADIOSS explicit solver?
  8. Ok, I found it - just loaded the Vehicle Safety Tools Preference file and its all good.
  9. Hypergraph v12: I have an imported time history data file that is sampled at 200Hz. When I take a derivative of the data, it shows I need to smooth or resample the data to a lower recording rate, say 10Hz, as it is very choppy and affects downstream calculations. If I look into resampling, I see there is a Resample function/filter in the Vehicle Safety Tools add-on for Hypergraph. My question is: If I don't have the Vehicle Safety Tools add-on, what is the best method to resample my data form 200Hz to 10Hz?
  10. I have found a workaround which is using v13 instead of v12. Have the mesh quality check parameters in the solver routine been loosened up in v13?
  11. How does a set of contacts between HEXA and TET10 elements work with SLIDE and no ADJUSTMENT set but then the HEXA elements fail when ADJUSTMENTS is set to AUTO and CONTFEL is YES?
  12. Is there a way to induce recognition of a contact surface between design and non-design parts in an assembly? I purposely installed interference but the expected contact failed to be detected and installed. I can easily import the .fem into HM and fix it but I don't know if I can coax Inspire to evaluate the topoOpt.fem after I have modified it. TIA
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