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  1. Hi First thank you for you reply.. I mentioned compliance index formulation..there is l like term which i couldnt understand..
  2. Hi can anyone tell me what is the term exist in combined compliance index just before lamda (eigen value) after w_i i mean S=Sum w_i C_i+NORM sum (w_i (?) lamda_i)/ sum w_i thanks
  3. "The sensitivities of responses with respect to design variables can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet " ı am trying to performthis but how? can you please give more detail?
  4. Hi thank you for your answer..Could you please tell about more about defining modal constraints.I hav ecompleted all the tutorials in hyperworks environment ( almost a bit forgotten some) As far as i know i can define modal frequency maximization we can only define objection function for single frequency ( Mode I) is there any option like objection max ( f1,f2,f3) or you meant that we can give some constraints to some other frequencies like f2>xx f3>yy while max(f1) or some other possibilities.. right ? thanks in advance.
  5. Hi I would like to kindly ask how do we perform -sensitivity analysis in optistruct -multiple frequency increasing ,or dealing wth multiple freq optimization problem like attached reference document since i am interested in first 3 mode. -In litrature there are so many techniques in topology optimizaztion like MMA,Homogenization etc.. -also about checkboard Wht is the default method used in Optistrcut? Can anyone guide me to find some theortical information about optimization (topology) used in optististruct ? frequency optimization theory used in Optistruct?
  6. Hi; Thank you..I am tryin gto use those options in my frequency response analysis. I would like to kindly ask you to give me support in solution of folowing problem...I am having some error information from optistruct.. Currently i tried to build my direct frequency response analysis model ( simple cantilever beam model) used tool/unit freq response .. way and performed the analysis...It worked fine .. Then i tried to build my topology optimization step having some nodal displacements as frf displacement response. and also colume fraction of my design space as constraint. When i choose objection function as min frf-disp under loadcase of Direct Frequency Response Analysis i had an error ( attached) Then tried to use same methodology given in OS 2095 tutorial like having frf-disp as constrained with UB value and when i select again the load step as DFRA again had same error( Attached)
  7. Hi all; I performed related tutorial and i would like to kindly ask about frf-displacement response there are sum sub options related with that..such as rss,ssq can anyone give me details of those suboptions? I want to minimizie displacement of my plate like structure for the first 3 modes..targeting volume constrained of one layer of this plate.. Does ssq or rss works for this purposes? As fara as i searched they are related with sum of squares of ( applicable for first 3 modes ? ) arguments etc.. Any idea?
  8. Hi There; ı would like to calculate complex eigen value of a beam like structure consist of viscoelastic material. The modulus data and loss factor (g) values are frequency dependent. Can anyone guide me how to perform complex eigen value analysis of damped structure? The tutorial in hyperworks solvers gives an example for the stiffness related complex eigen solution
  9. Hi; I would like to label and extract the x,y datas point on a curve like peak selection, and any arbitrary point extraction using templex can any one show me how to do that in hypergraph? I have .h3d file openned in hypergraph namely a FRF Displacement/Frequency and i want to calculate Qfactor ( delta f @ -3db lower location) / (f_peak) for my modes.. thanks in advance..
  10. Sorry should i maximize Compliance ? Does it work?
  11. Hi thanks; As far as i searched minimizing Compliance gives stiffer structure.. So should i minimize Compliance? To have Much more Flexible structure ( beam for example) Thanks Regards
  12. Hi Thank you very Much But how about minimizing Compliance ( strain energy ) ( in Other Words maximizing stiffness) maybe i used wrong terminology .. I want to maximize strain energy to have Much Flexible structure ..but how.. I want to learn on solutıon of simple rectangular domain to get idea or methods to increase the flexibility of my design With best topology ( material distribution) Thanks
  13. Hi Prakash ; Firstly thank you for your answer..But i want to increase "shear strain" in my non-desing domain.such that I created my model design domain/component and non-desing Component.I want to increase or maximize the shear strain energies (objective) of non-design elements targeting the topology of design space. I hope i am clear..I want to find best topology of my design space that maximize/increase the shear strain of non-design elements. Or i want to know if there is any option maximize shear strain/shear strain energy/ESE of any component. Regards
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