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  1. Bhavana


    Hi, Can we delete elements(Spring elements) completely by using sensors? We are executing a impact analysis in Radioss. We want to delete the springs in the model at the impact. Please let me know whether we can delete the elements using sensors. Thanks in advance.
  2. Bhavana

    Hex Mesh

    I have done volume tetrameshing with match existing mesh option checked. Will it take connectivity? How to check whether the elements are connected or not?
  3. Bhavana

    Hex Mesh

    Hi Prakash, I have created hex mesh for the mappable solids and for the non-mappable head one, i did tetramesh and created 3D penta elements. Can we have element connectivity with this process?
  4. Hi, I am meshing a component with hex elements which is not mappable. I have partitioned the solid using solid edit panel, the whole solid turned into mappable except the front head part. The front solid is having teeth like structure. It is not mappable. How can we mesh this type of solids? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Iam simulating an impact analysis of two trolleys with four wheels on a track in Radioss. The wheels are connected to the trolley by revolute joints in the simulation and the track elements contacting the wheels were solid(i.e only two layers of track elements which contacts wheels were solid). The remaining track elements were shells and fixed in all directions using BC's. The first part of the track is inclined and we extended a horizontal track to that.(i.e inclined track_horizontal track_inclined track) We expect the trolleys to come and hit at the middle. The trolleys are moving successfully but the problem here is when the trolley is moving on extended track, the track elements were getting damaged. The simulation continued with the warning:deactivated from the interface. Is this because of element formualtion or stiffness? What may be the reason for this behavior?
  6. Prakash, Could you please clarify me one more issue? I have two inclined components in hypermesh. But the inclination for both the components is not same. Is there any option to set the inclination of a component with respect to the other in hypermesh?
  7. Prakash, Thank You. Its working now. Regards, Bhavana.
  8. Prakash, The hypercrash radioss deck is of version "Block 130". Could you please let me know "can we import the deck in the Radioss version "Block 120" or we should have the same version? Regards, Bhavana.
  9. Hi prakash, I tried importing the hypercrash radioss deck to hypermesh. iam getting the following error. Error: The file is not a 4.1 or 4.2 or 4.4 or 5.1 or 9.0 or 10.0 or 11.0 or 12.0 Radioss Block File (file version = 130) Resolution: Quitting..
  10. Hi, We are trying to import radioss deck written by hypercrash into hypermesh. Can we import the hypercrash deck into hypermesh? Regards, Bhavana.
  11. Hi Rahul, Thank You. It means cant we run the jobs only with gravity load in Radioss? In our case first we tried simulating a block on an inclined plane with a gravity load. Under gravity the block is sliding and the same sliding behavior is happening in the case of wheel on an inclined plane where we expected the wheel to roll. we have given type 7 contact between the wheel and inclined plane. Could you please let me know the reason for this behavior?
  12. Hi, I have modelled a wheel on an inclined plane and given gravity load to the wheel expecting it to roll on the inclined plane. Rotational constraints are set free. But the wheel is sliding on the plane instead of rolling. what may be the reason or am i missing something? Thanks in advance. Regards, Bhavana.
  13. Prakash, Thanks for your valuable support. Further I will contact the commercial support.
  14. Hi Prakash, Have you checked the model?
  15. Prakash, I have uploaded the files to your dropbox. Hope you will find a solution.
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