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  1. Hiii, I am getting one error while solving radioss run ERROR ID : 78 ** ERROR : UNDEFINED NODE NUMBER DESCRIPTION : IN INTERFACE INPUT NUMBER : 1 NODE ID=0 DOES NOT EXIST .. INTERFACE BUFFER INITIALIZATION can any one help to get rid of these error. Thanks & Regards, Suraj Kolte
  2. Thanks Prakash & Rahul By unchecking MID2 entry in shell card, issue resolved. Thanks & Regards, Suraj
  3. I have send PSHELL card picture in Rahul`s dropbox
  4. Please find below SHELL card
  5. Hi Prakash, where to share? please give link for your drop box
  6. Thanks Rahul for your feed back. Till the future HW solver Patches, is there any other way in OS to address this issue.
  7. Hi, I want to do Non Linear Material analysis of Plastic component. I have defined Stress - strain curve in TABLES1 card and assigned it in MAT1 with MATS1 card. Analysis is of NLSTAT type. I am getting below Warning & Errors. *** WARNING # 3003 The Young's modulus calculated from the TABLES1 bulk data entry ID=10 is not equal to the value specified in the corresponding MAT1 (11475.000000 != 10800.000000). This will produce inconsistant elastic and plastic deformations and may yield unexpected results. *** ERROR # 1578 *** for material id = 2 referenced from property id = 4. MATS1 is presently not supported for membrane elements (referring to PSHELL with only MID1 present). Thanks & Regards, Suraj
  8. Dear All, I want to do press fit simulation of two cylinders with interference of 0.6 radially by using NLSTAT in Optistruct. can any one please guide how to do it. Regards, Suraj
  9. Hello Everyone, One query I have, If I have fired a run in Optistuct - Non-Linear Quasi-Static Analysis (NLSTAT), but after some time if there is power cut off, then can I get the latest result file to restart the run from last file generated or I have to again start the run from zero? Thanks & Regards, Suraj
  10. Hi, I am getting below error while solving static analysis in optistruct. does any one know how to solve it *** ERROR # 176 *** A dependent d.o.f. of rigid elements is constrained in an SPC set. grid id = 473747 component = 1 SPC set id = 7 Thanks & Regards, Suraj
  11. Prakash I have deleted contacts but same errors is repeating. Regards, Suraj
  12. Hiii Prakash, Thanks for your reply. I have assigned components with Card Image>> PART. but same error is repeating. UBSET: 0,GLOBAL MODEL ~~~~~~ | |________Part(s): 17,1 18,2 19,threads 20,b 22,Inner 23,Shank 25,c 26,Nut 27,washer 28,w1 29,bolt 30,Nut_1 +=============================================================+ | ABNORMAL END | | Segmentation Violation | | TRACE BACK : | +=============================================================+ GROUPS +=============================================================+ ERROR ID : 760 ** ERROR TRAPPED Regards, Suraj
  13. Hello everyone, I am new to Radioss Block120 while doing analysis I got following error : .. BLOCK FREE FORMAT .. STARTER RUNNING ON 1 THREAD .. CONTROL VARIABLES .. UNITS SYSTEM .. FUNCTIONS & TABLES .. MATERIALS .. NODES .. SKEW SYSTEMS .. PROPERTIES .. 3D SOLID ELEMENTS .. 3D SHELL ELEMENTS ** ERROR TRAPPED : REPORT TO LISTING FILE ERROR ID : 760 please help me. thanking in advance. Regards, Suraj
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