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  1. Hi Mr. Narendra, i did what you told and it works. The model extrudes in the correct direction now. Thanks you so much for your help. I might have miss this important point in the lesson. Another point, I want to export the resultant file to Hyperview to view the deformation of the profile. The manual says that HyperXtrude will writes a full *.h3d file containing all the result, but when I check the folder it only contain *.grf, *.hm and *.hx file type. Is there any setting for me to set to get this h3d file. Please advise me if I ask in the wrong section of the forum. Thanks and Best Regards, Nazree
  2. Hi all, I'm very new to HyperXtrude and this forum, so hi again. I've encounter problem during the plate meshing steps. Here is the description of my problem. I've use solidworks to create the a negative volume model and then export it IGES. I've imported the geometry into HyperXtrude and then using node to partition them. Using Collector I've separate them into Manifold1, Manifold2, Manifold3, (see attachment 1) I've successfully arrive to plate meshing steps and Generate Polymer Mesh. My question is why do the Manifold3 profile become flat and going sideways as in attachment 2 below. The meshing setup is in attachment 3. How do I prepare the model so that it will extrude in the correct direction. Do I need to use drag+ or any other function. I feel that I encountered this problem as I'm in a hurry to learn this software and might overlook some steps or function. FYI I'm using HyperWorks 11 at my university. Any review or solution is most welcome and appreciated. Thank you so much.
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