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  1. Hi,

    We are importing .nas file from HM to AcuConsole the problem is we are getting the volumes but surfaces are missing. can anyone help me to solve this problem. i have attached the error file for your reference. 



    Sandeep P


  2. Hi, I would like to export these pressure values from AcuFieldView or AcuSolve to FEA solver, how can i do that..? Please help me regarding the same. Regards, Sandeep P
  3. Hi Ravi, We are unable to solve this problem, can you please suggest something so solve this problem. Regards, Sandeep P
  4. Hi, We are importing .nas file created from hm into AcuConsole. when it completely imported we are seeing many solid volume combined into one volume. please refer the picture attached. Regards, Sandeep p
  5. Hi, We are getting below error and we couldn't able to fix it, tried to search for the internal surface but we didn't find anything in HM. could you please help to fix this problem. Regards, Sandeep P
  6. Hi, We are trying to solve Multiphase problem and the we are unable to see the required results. is it possible to setup a teleconference to discuss the same. Regards, Sandeep P
  7. Hi Ravi, Sure we can have web meeting. please send me the invite. Regards, Sandeep P
  8. Hi, We have performed Multiphase Problem but we couldn't able to get the required physics so need some assistance to modify boundary condition. Regards, Sandeep P
  9. Hi Abinash, Yeah, we can have a discussion at 2 30pm. Thank you for your help and support. Regards, Sandeep P
  10. Hi, Trying to solve Multiphase problem using Acusolve. Please help us to setup the problem. Regards, Sandeep P
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