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  1. i know that possibility, but question was different...
  2. Hi When I use face tool for solid elements, face elements always has normal in direction inside solid. Is it possible to set in some options that face elements which tool-face generates has normal vector outside volume? Jakub
  3. Hi, I want to create response. It should be stress vonMises. For each response I need to pick element by id. Is it possible to make global response with all elements value, instead of creating lots of separate responses? How to do it? As some kind of vector? Results I have h3d from optistruct which hyperstudy created after model testing.
  4. all surfaces and elements are on 1 component. I want to hide surfaces with elements, surfaces without elements I want to keep. That is my issue.
  5. Hi, is it possible to select surface which has elements/nodes associate with them? I want to see only surfaces without meshing, any ideas how to do it? Jakub
  6. Hello I made shape optimization in Optistruct, Shape 1 is undercut at one level, shape 2 is undercut higher. I want to check optimum high from stresses perspective. In optistruct gradient method MFD its working. I wanted to use GA algorithm in hyperstudy to check difference. I defined model, resource as hm file, solver input as fem file. Solver optistruct. Now, I input variables, there are that two shapes. Should i pick them both? What about response? Should i find h3d which hyperstudy made and define element number and it stresses? can i pick global stresses? I am not sure how hyperstudy will change high of that cutout, how to define that to have min stress in results. Jakub
  7. i checked that I have duplicated elements with different elements set - I need that, and than tcl macro overwrite one of them unfortunately
  8. thank You, but i have some issue, when I want to pick all sets, some of them becomes empty, when I use it one by one that issue not happening
  9. Hi, I am able to create collector with name like set of elements name, which includes that element from that specify set. Could You help me to automatize that process. I have lots of entity sets and it would be great to run some tcl macro which will do job for me. I tried to looked up in command.tcl but when i use organize function it shows elements number for each elements set - that I cant use for tcl macro. Best regards Jakub
  10. Hi I try topology optimization, and its working. I wanted to check difference in algorithms, but when i want to use f.ex. SQP, message appears: *** ERROR # 1870 *** Topology and free-sizing optimization are not available when the MFD, SQP or BIGOPT optimization methods are selected on the DOPTPRM OPTMETH card. The DUAL optimizer must be used. It is weird, because MFD or SQP can (theoretically) be use for topology optimization. Maybe there are different parameters to change? Best regards Jakub
  11. Hi, I would like to optimize cross section of cantilever beam. I have beam L=100, cross section is square h and b (1<b<10 and 1<h<20), and in the end we have 2 forces Y and X direction. How can i run it in optistruct? I wanted by size optimization, but if I mesh it by shell i can optimize only one direction (one thickness). If i build solid beam how to do it? By shape optimization? I want t keep the same shape but change b and h to find solution. I have also allowable value of tip displ and yield strengh max value. regards Jakub
  12. that is exactly what I wrote. In hm14 there is no midsurf thickness option i utility - geom/mesh....
  13. Hi i build midsurf with different geometry thicknesses. How I Can automatically make property for thickness? I use HM 14 where there is now Midsurf thickness in utility - geom/mesh.
  14. I want to subtract displacement for one load case from other and see displacement plot in cylindrical system (see radial displacement). results is ony scalar value from cartesian or magnitude, cant use cylindrical system.
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