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  1. I'm sorry it seems that can just upload pdf files on the forum. vwtAnalysis.pdf
  2. I try what you said, and it still stops after fews seconds. Now I tried to do the same calculation with less steps to see if there is an improvement. What I don't understand is that I have enough space on the disk so it is strange that it stops because of a lack of space.
  3. Ok, but how can I solve this problem ? Because I noticed that when I do the calculation in Steady mode, everything is going well, but when I do it in transient mode, nothing works.
  4. Oh yes, of course. There are the files. Sorry for the length of it. vwtAnalysis.1.pdf vwtAnalysis.pdf
  5. Good evening, I use Virtual Wind Tunnel for more than one month now and I never had big problem with it. But recently, the calculation that I run stop before the end without any explanation. Indeed, I put into the parameter a run time of 8 seconds and around 3 seconds (or less) a report is created and the calculation stop. It seems that the sofware judges by itself that it has converged or something, but when I look at the results, the flow is not contant and the drag coefficient is twice bigger than the one expected. Does anybody already have the same problem ?
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