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  1. Hello all, I am want to create a circle using a node and a vector . I am trying to use *createcirclefromcenterradius , but the vector that I have created has id other than 1. It is throwing error . Can anyone please help
  2. Girish2121

    Add Browser Tabs

    Thanks tinh
  3. Hello all, I was looking to add browser tabs in hypermesh window. Are there any APIs available for browser related options. Thanks Girish
  4. Girish2121

    HEXA Elements Coordinate System Alignment

    Hi Tinh , I was exploring through the options in Tools-> Orientation Review Tool . Is there any way I can Find the APIs for these commands. I couldn't find any API commands associated with this option in help file. Thanks Girish
  5. Hello all, I am modelling a honeycomb structure plate . It is modeled with hexa elements at center and the faces of hexa have quad elements on both the sides i.e upper surface and lower surface. I need to align hexa element coordinate system to a consistent direction for all hexa elements . Is there any option in hypermesh . If not, can it be done using TCL APIs. Thanks Girish
  6. Girish2121

    NASTRAN Element Config IDs

    Hello Q.Nguyen-Dai , Thank you for the List. This is what I was looking for !! Regards Girish
  7. Girish2121

    NASTRAN Element Config IDs

    @Pandurang Thank you providing the information Hello Q.Nguyen-Dai , For every solver profile , Hypermesh has unique Configuration IDs for each Element Types (CBAR,CBEAR,CBUSH,CQUAD4,etc) . I was looking for the list of Configuration IDs for NASTRAN solver profile in Hypermesh. Thanks Girish
  8. Hello all, I am interested in finding out the element config IDs used in Hypermesh for the NASTRAN solver. Where can I find it ? Thanks Girish
  9. Girish2121

    Include Files

    Hello, I have few include files in a BDF which i am trying to import in Hypermesh. I am getting an error message as " Can't Open Include File". Syntax used for adding include file is : include, 'Testing_1.bdf' Is there any particular syntax for adding include files for importing in Hypermesh. Thanks Girish
  10. Girish2121

    Find nodes associated to elements

    Hi Tinh, Thanks Girish
  11. Hello, Is there any command to find associated nodes of an element using TCL command . Thanks Girish
  12. Hello , Are there any options in HM to visualize zero length CBUSH elements . Thanks Girish
  13. Girish2121

    Altair Connect

    Hi Vikas, I have written to support@altair.com about a week back. I am yet to receive a response. Please do the needful Thanks Girish C Hirekerur
  14. Girish2121

    Altair Connect

    Hi Vikas, Any update on the above request. Thanks Girish
  15. Girish2121

    Contour plot for pressure and thermal loads

    Hi Prakash, I intend to plot applied temperatures using contour plot. Thanks for the document. Girish