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  1. Hi Pandurang, eval , worked perfectly ... Thank you !
  2. Hello all, I am trying to delete multiple surfaces using mark option. Following is the code snippet : set SurfsList {1 2 3 4 5 6 } *createmark surfaces 1 $SurfsList *deletemark surfaces 1 But only the first entity in the list is getting marked . The other elements are not getting marked. Are there any work around or alternate options ? Thanks Girish
  3. Hello all, I am want to create a circle using a node and a vector . I am trying to use *createcirclefromcenterradius , but the vector that I have created has id other than 1. It is throwing error . Can anyone please help
  4. Hello all, I was looking to add browser tabs in hypermesh window. Are there any APIs available for browser related options. Thanks Girish
  5. Hi Tinh , I was exploring through the options in Tools-> Orientation Review Tool . Is there any way I can Find the APIs for these commands. I couldn't find any API commands associated with this option in help file. Thanks Girish
  6. Hello all, I am modelling a honeycomb structure plate . It is modeled with hexa elements at center and the faces of hexa have quad elements on both the sides i.e upper surface and lower surface. I need to align hexa element coordinate system to a consistent direction for all hexa elements . Is there any option in hypermesh . If not, can it be done using TCL APIs. Thanks Girish
  7. Hello Q.Nguyen-Dai , Thank you for the List. This is what I was looking for !! Regards Girish
  8. @Pandurang Thank you providing the information Hello Q.Nguyen-Dai , For every solver profile , Hypermesh has unique Configuration IDs for each Element Types (CBAR,CBEAR,CBUSH,CQUAD4,etc) . I was looking for the list of Configuration IDs for NASTRAN solver profile in Hypermesh. Thanks Girish
  9. Hello all, I am interested in finding out the element config IDs used in Hypermesh for the NASTRAN solver. Where can I find it ? Thanks Girish
  10. Hello, I have few include files in a BDF which i am trying to import in Hypermesh. I am getting an error message as " Can't Open Include File". Syntax used for adding include file is : include, 'Testing_1.bdf' Is there any particular syntax for adding include files for importing in Hypermesh. Thanks Girish
  11. Hello, Is there any command to find associated nodes of an element using TCL command . Thanks Girish
  12. Hello , Are there any options in HM to visualize zero length CBUSH elements . Thanks Girish
  13. Hi Vikas, I have written to support@altair.com about a week back. I am yet to receive a response. Please do the needful Thanks Girish C Hirekerur
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