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  1. Hi, I'm doing composite simulation with Optistruct and I'm using "Inter-laminar" stress; I would like to say, if it's possible, how the software consider it. Thanks
  2. I'm running an explicit simulation, specifically the deformation of the punch on a metal sheet; this last has shell elements, while the punch is a rigid body.
  3. Hi Prakash, I tried, but mesh don't change during simulation; maybe I'm making a mistake.
  4. I found AD-mesh-set in property and Ad-global-Mesh in control card; You should "play" with that but it's very difficult to use them well
  5. Hi, I found that with "adaptive meshing" I can adjust mesh size during explicit Radioss simulation; unfortunately I'm not able to set good this tool. Can anyone help me? Thanks
  6. Hi, thanks George for your reply; I would like to say if there is a possibility to implement in Radioss a remeshing 2D tool when the mesh has large distortion. Thanks
  7. I sent file Incr 2_0000.out Incr 2_0001.out
  8. Hi Rahul, I can share .out file but, whereas it's a university project I would like to know how I can do it, so I can explain it to other member of the project. Thanks for your availability.
  9. Hello, I would try to do a incremental forming simulation with Radioss; during simulation, unfortunately, mesh has high distorsion. How can I do to set-up the mesh variation during simulation? thanks
  10. Hi, I'm trying to optimize a tubolar structure but when I try to assign a generic relationship between design variable of radius and property I don't know how Can I do the correct design variable to my refer radious? Thanks
  11. Thanks for reply; Unfortunately I can't find the example; can you send me the link?
  12. Hi, I'm looking for design a structure with oval section; I noticed, however, that in Optistruct isn't the possibility to use a oval beam section. What Could I do? There is a method to import the new section or to make it? Thanks
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