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  1. Hello Ariane? Thats possible, just define your output options as Both (Mag and Phase ) for Displacement /Vel/ Acceleration while defining the Loadsstep or in output control card and plot it in Hypergraph
  2. Hello All, I am doing non linear Quasi static analysis for example attached , where i am analyzing the deformation in part 2 due to impactor. I have modelled the two contact surface with GAP elements and have give displacement boundary condition of 100 mm to Impactor using curve. I am using NLPARAM(LGDISP) subcase I get error in Model3.fem *** ERROR # 1461 *** in the input data: Card "METHOD(STRUCTURE)" is not allowed for this subcase type. Even though i have not specified "Method" in Loadcase which i know is used for Eigenvalue extraction as workaround I manually deleted and continued with analysis with Model4.fem But i get error as shown in Model5.out file can anyone help me with these errors? Thanks and Regards Pratik Model3.fem Model4.fem Model5.out
  3. Hello all I have found a work around, I am not sure if you can rotate solids and surfaces, but I could rotate elements in the orientation i wanted. Thanks and Regards Pratik
  4. Hello all, What are the methods to import CAD data so that it is reoriented in a particular way in Global coordinate system?? For eg. If I want to import a CAD Model from Iges such that its XY plane now corresponds now to XZ plane in global coordinate system in Hypermesh. Is there any particular import options without having to change the orientation with CAD program? Also I find documentation about the create system option for creating local coordinate system bit confusing can anyone explain it with an example? Are loads , constraint always assigned in Global Coordinate system? Thanks Pratik Hyperworks 17
  5. Hello group I wanted to input the ABD Matrices directly to define a Laminate. Can this be done in hypermesh? Regards Pratik
  6. Hello It is due to bug , when creating loadstep from panel browser. create load step from Horizontal Panel. regards Pratik
  7. Funny it works at one instance and doesnt work in different instance although loadcase is same. I have sent you files through dropbox.
  8. Load step: Modal Frequency response analysis Response type: ERP All freq Dconstraints erp : upperbound 0.2 , I am not able to set this. #subcase not compatible with type of response
  9. hello all I am defining optimisation to reduce erp by topology optimisation. My objective is to find optimum material distribution to have low erp my defination goes as dconstraint: Erp: upper bound > (Target values) #### Volumefrac= upperbound 0.3 design volume objective= minimize design volume Loadstep = Modal frequency Response. ###For this setup I get error selected subcase not compatible with type of response while setting constraint on ERP how do i set the erp as target value. Regards Pratik
  10. Hello group. what are the options to use Non linear Modal Frequency Analysis for Anisotropic Visco Elastic Plastic in Optistruct? Regards Pratik Dhuri
  11. Hello, I want result of frequency response analysis in real and Imaginary form in H3D format. I have specified this in load step and also in Global output control . but still I get output in Phase imaginary form. I am want to use this Vectors Real and Imaginary further in Hyperstudy to do Model updating where I have defined my own criteria. Regards Pratik
  12. hello group I have want to know about registering hypermath function in hyperstudy and also how to exchange values between two to definr response See the attached file Best Regards Pratik Hyperstudy Problem.pdf
  13. Hi Prakash So for Normal Anisotropy G13= G23=Gn so what value is expected in G31 .... Gn or Gp? Regards Pratik
  14. For example the graph (Refer pdf) would be more intuitive to understand effect of each design variable on frequency response both in terms of frequency shift and amplitude value. Any way to achieve this using hyperstudy? FRFresponse.pdf
  15. Hi Rahul I was able to create create .xy file but it does not import data as column1(Xaxis-frequency) against column2 (Yaxis- FRF) but column1(Xaxis-rownumber) against column2 (Yaxis- FRF) what would u suggest ? Regards Pratik
  16. hello Group I need to define response from my solver output file (*.h3d) as X axis(frequency) vs Y axis (FRF).. how do i do it in expression builder.. please provide steps for doing it. I tried using freq, frfmag etc from functions tab. was not able to get it. as it expects a vector i dont know how should i refer my frequency and frf response vector values here Regards Pratik
  17. True, so should I input the values of E1 and E2 as well or just inputting E1, optistruct will automatically assume E2 value same as E1
  18. Hello Group Refering to MATORT9 card for planar isotropic model according to comment §4 only are independent parameter (Ep, En, vp, vnp, and Gn) so should we keep rest of the field on card blank like E2 nu23 and G12, G31. Will optistruct automatically calculate them Regards Pratik
  19. Hello forum HS-1505: Register a Templex Function in HyperStudy In this Tutorial , tep 5.19 the experimental result file is imported in *.xy format. But I have my experimental result file in *.csv form Problem with importing this is values are not imported as X(frequency) and Y(frf) colums as seen in preview(img2). The actual plot of this values should be as indicated in red line in (compare.pdf) Is there a way to convert csv to .xy format or import it directly in proper columnwise data.Is there way to chk what data is imported. Regards Pratik compare.pdf
  20. Hello Group Are there any Tutorial \ Case studies \ Guide for Correlation with Hyperstudy? Here is my task I have experimental frequency response in Excel form. I want to correlate my FEM Model frequency response with it. My approach is to match peaks in both response as close as possible for ease of setup in first step I consider similar point on both Experimental-Fem modell and match its FRF, my design variable is youngs modulus. E So I have to take Excel values as referance curve and and vary the value of E so that direct frequency analysis of FEM modell with optistruct gives similar response. Any help regarding setting up the study will be useful Regards Pratik
  21. Thank you Rahul I have difficulty understanding the user guide. what file are expected under Referance file and corelation file under MAC- tab. (Load) According to my understanding Referance file is the file containing my FRF values from experimental test at particular point, it can be odb or CSV. Correlation file is my hd3 filr from FEM simulation that i want to co relate so what does transformation is used for?
  22. Hallo Prakash So of my points are not normal to global XYZ axes . How do i get velocities normal to my surface.
  23. HI I dont find NVH ulitilty menu in my hyperview 13
  24. Hi Rahul Does Hyperwork also provide tool for correlation with Frequency Response Assurance Criterion (FRAC) or Frequency Domain Assurance criterion (FDAC) Regards Pratik
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