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  1. Thanks Prakash, The design responses I found on RADIOSS help: DRESP1 RTYPE Response type for an optimization run. (Integer > 0) = 1: Mass = 2: Fraction of mass = 3: Volume = 4: Fraction of design volume = 5: Displacement = 6: Stress = 7: Strain = 8: Internal strain energy = 9: Velocity DRESP2 for equations Function to be applied to the arguments. (Integer > 0 or blank) = 1: SUM = 2: AVG = 3: SSQ = 4: RSS = 5: MAX = 6: MIN = 7: SUMABS = 8: AVGABS = 9: MAXABS = 10: MINABS How can I set the feasible point 1) Set the force vs displacement (area under curve) without force response? I've heard that you can set the dresp for the force, maybe I'm missing something, Regards, GGB Hi, Sorry for the typo error. I was supposed to say first is not feasible. You can use Strain energy instead.
  2. I want to optimize energy absorption of a component in a Radioss model using radopt to include a topology optimization, I have two ideas 1) Set the force vs displacement (area under curve) in a as my responses to monitor. 2) Set energy of the component as design response? (not sure if possible) Also, optistruct design responses can be used in this radopt optimizations? (static force could be used for my point 1 )
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    Thanks @Prakash Pagadala Please let me know your outcome, Regards, GGB
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    Aparently it is considering strain and displacements responses on the optimization but not showing on hgdata, displacement is constrained on only 1 node but strain on the component (11k responses)
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    I ran a radioss model optimization via optistruct -radopt, It shown results, optimization results look OK, my only question is, why it only took one design response instead of the three I set? (attached image) Regards, GGB
  6. I want to run a DOE in hyperstudy using nCode, I have an .fem file and the output will used as input for nCode, The batch file created currently run to generate the output file but when trying to link with nCode fails. I'm using this: set NCODE_EXE="path" %NCODE_EXE% /flow="###" /verbose=yes /batlog="####" but nCode never starts. Regards,
  7. Hi, I had the same problem, updated the BEAD PARAMETERS in the topography menu and worked for me, Hope this helps. Regards, Gustavo Gzz. B.
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