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  1. Near field receiving power is not affected by this warning.
  2. Without a source it is done automatically. From the User Manual:"Important: When no source is defined, the modal port acts as a passive port (sink) for fields incident on the port."
  3. You can use, under Plane/Ground, the homogeneous half space option. This does not allow geometry in/below the ground plane. Or the planar multilayer substrate which does. The planar multilayer substrate is usually slower depending on the geometry that is used with it.
  4. The E-fields will be correct. The gain could be wrong since the source power (upon which the gain is based) cannot be accurately determined. There is no way around this.
  5. mel

    Error 37389: DGFM

    Another option for computational resources is the Hyperworks Unlimited Virtual Appliance. A free trial is available for 48 hours. The trial starts when you log in with the password emailed to you after registering and clicking the "Activate" button. Two compute nodes of 220 GByte and 16 processes each are available for trial users, so a total of 32 processes can be run using then 440 GByte in total.
  6. mel

    Error 37389: DGFM

    The memory is dependent on the number of processes since not all aspects of the solution can be shared between processes. More cores will be faster, but it will use more memory. If the 4/9 array does not fit in to memory, reduce the number of processes. Else, for more computational resources, I believe your institution has licenses/agreements with CHPC. Contact your study leader regarding this option.
  7. Hi Bidisha When the gain is calculated in Feko, it is calculated according to the IEEE definition where all losses are included, except for mismatch losses. That from the user manual. For a single active source in the model, simply select Realised gain in the result palette of POSTFEKO. For multiple active sources, you must specify the reference impedance to calculate the realised gain from. This will be a single impedance setting for all sources set under Power settings. For example: Then you would be able to select Realised gain in POSTFEKO for the array.
  8. mel

    Error 37389: DGFM

    For "Viv_FEM_air_SEP_edge_2el_sp_v1" I have enabled MLFMM so that this is now a MLFMM/FEM solution instead of FEM/MoM and there were no convergence errors with 2019.1 It was 14 GByte and a few hours. Using the direct sparse solver (for the FEM/MoM) will avoid any convergence problems. This is more memory hungry though and takes about 25 GByte but it depends on the number of processes.
  9. PEC is treated as infinite conductivity. The "gaps" inside the wire model is of the order of the wavelength so I would not say these models are equivalent.
  10. mel

    Error 37389: DGFM

    Please attach the result files with saved POSTFEKO session file (pfs) that will show the "spike" in the results. Remember if you change the order to first, you must create the mesh again, save, and then run Feko.
  11. Please also attach the model where you defined "Free space".
  12. mel

    Modeling Advice

    This is a similar topic. Closing this one.
  13. mel

    Thin Metal

    Hi Pmcardle It is unfortunately too difficult to make even general comments without some kind of image or model file.
  14. Hi Lostarmour You attached a *.eps file. Please attach the cfx.
  15. Hi Haj Your model was suitable for internal testing. Attached a FEM/MoM version which I was referring to above. It would seem that convergence is quite tough for this model. Using here a direct solution. It is more memory hungry, but from your OUT file I see you have enough memory for this. The patch array feeds were converted to current sources inside the FEM region. I have removed the mesh to reduce the attachment size. You would have to rerun the model your side and add the output requests which I removed for testing purposes. You will need Feko version 2019 and run the updater to get version 2019.1 Lens_FEM_MoM_direct.zip
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