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  1. MvdM

    2D problem

    Hi @VRaz It is possible to model 2D infinite planes. Have a look at a patch antenna in the Getting Started Guide or the Example Guide. You can also find more information in the User Guide if you search for Green's functions, multi-layered media, or infinite planes.
  2. MvdM

    Long time to change the geometry

    Hello @briantvd A quick update on the assertion failure that you encountered when pressing undo: The bug will be fixed in the next major version of Feko (Feko 2019). Kind regards Madelé
  3. MvdM

    POSTFEKO 3d view: RCS

    Unfortunately, this seems to be a display bug and there is no perfect workaround that I can think of. If you do not wish to see any sources, you could set up a cut plane that cuts through sources only (on the visibility tab, add all other entities to the "Do not cut entities" section) and define the location of the cut plane so that it removes the plane wave sources from your 3D view.
  4. MvdM

    POSTFEKO 3d view: RCS

    I can reproduce the behaviour (so no need to add a model). I'll take a look and report back....
  5. MvdM

    POSTFEKO 3d view: RCS

    Hi @Doppler8 I'm trying to think what it is that you are seeing in this view... Can you please add a simple model showing this behaviour? Attaching the .pfs file would be great, along with the various model files (.fek, .bof and .cfx).
  6. MvdM

    How to rearrange trace text

    Hi @RF Engineer You can raise or lower a trace on the result palette (the panel to the right of your graph window), using the right-click context menu or selecting the trace and pressing Ctrl and + (or Ctrl and - to lower): This will change the order in the legend as shown.
  7. MvdM

    mesh error

    Hi @teju It looks like you are working with imported CAD, so it is quite likely that there are problems with the CAD that first need to be addressed. Feko requires the geometry to be discretised into a surface mesh (or volume mesh, depending on the solution method) and the results will only be as accurate as the mesh that is provided to the Solver. To successfully simulate the electromagnetic effects of a structure, you need to create a suitable representation of the real-world problem. Please refer to the Feko User Guide for information on CAD Fixing Tools. It might be necessary to apply a number of tools in succession to clean the model. You might also have to simplify, recreate or remove parts of the geometry to obtain a simple surface representation of the actual geometry. Like Sumith said, you can use the "Find elements" tool in POSTFEKO to see where in your model things are going wrong and you can remove parts that do not contribute to the solution. Please attach your model if you would like others to provide more specific advice. I see an image (screenshot), but not the model (.cfx file). Kind regards Madelé
  8. MvdM

    mesh error

    Could you attach your model (or a simplified model that shows this problem)? It would be better than having to guess what could be going wrong (CAD problems, etc.).
  9. MvdM

    mesh error

    Hi @teju Did you union all the parts in your model before meshing in CADFEKO? See also the following answer for a more detailed explanation: If this is not the problem, could you please attach your model?
  10. @Meerten, the fix for the Y-parameter export problem is contained in Feko 2018.2.1 that was released today. Kind regards Madelé
  11. MvdM

    Long time to change the geometry

    Hi @briantvd This is very unfortunate! We can reproduce the problem and it has been brought to the developers' attention. Hopefully to be fixed soon. I'll keep you posted. Kind regards Madelé
  12. @Meerten, our developers have investigated and fixed the performance problem with Y and Z parameter export. The fix should go out with an update early in 2019. Thanks for bringing the issue to our attention!
  13. MvdM

    Long time to change the geometry

    Hi @briantvd Unfortunately, this regression was introduced in FEKO 2018.1. It is fixed in the latest version (Feko 2018.2). I just confirmed this using your model (sq_param_model_11arr_2G4_75.cfx). I can reproduce the assertion failure when deleting the union from the model in FEKO 2018.1.1, but not in Feko 2018.2. Kind regards Madelé
  14. MvdM

    STR file currents

    Hello Shane I trust Mel's answer provided the answers you were looking for. If you need the support information in future, you can open the Feko or HyperWorks documentation and look for "Technical Support". You will find a list of support e-mail addresses. Alternatively, visit Altair Connect (from the HyperWorks website, https://altairhyperworks.com/, Support & Training menu or directly at https://connect.altair.com/), go to Contact Support and select your country:
  15. MvdM

    Long time to change the geometry

    Hello @briantvd Thanks for attaching your model. I can reproduce the slow behaviour and we are looking into the problem. Unfortunately, I don't have any helpful feedback for you yet.