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  1. MvdM

    FDTD problem

    Hello @John1989 The FDTD solver currently only supports wire ports and edge ports, so you could use a pin feed to excite the waveguide if you want to solve it with the FDTD. You can refer to Example A-11 in the Feko Example Guide: The model that uses a pin feed to excite the horn antenna can be switched to and solved with the FDTD. It is on the development roadmap to support waveguide ports for the FDTD solver. If this is of importance to you, or if you would like to be informed when it is supported, please request this through the official support channels - see Altair Connect for support contact details or to create a support request. Kind regards Madelé
  2. Hello @uehara01 You can have a look at the thermal analysis example (script) that is available from the Script Exchange on Altair Connect (https://connect.altair.com/). I'm not sure if it would be suitable for your application - it is an implementation of the Pennes bioheat equation for use in the healthcare industry. Our development teams are working on a more general solution that will allow using Feko to calculate the power loss and OptiStruct to calculate the thermal effects in future. Kind regards Madelé
  3. Hello @Kuzi Can you please elaborate on what geometry you are trying to create? Do you have an article that you can reference? I'm not sure I understand what you are trying to build. I don't see how you would end up with realistic geometry (something that you would by able to manufacture) by sweeping the face along the helix. I also think you would also run into CAD problems if you do that. We might be able to provide suggestions if we understand your problem better. Kind regards Madelé
  4. Hello @Olya Please refer to the Installation Guide. You can download the Feko Installation Guide from Altair Connect (https://connect.altair.com/). Go to HyperWorks downloads section. Click on the "Readme" link next to the Feko installer, or switch to the Documentation tab and look for the Feko and WinProp installation guide. Please let me know if I misunderstood your question. Kind regards Madelé
  5. See the separate forum thread:
  6. Hi @AmineSam You can display the far fields at an offset in POSTFEKO (select the far field in the 3D view, on the ribbon select the Result tab, select Offset and enter the required values). You can also calculate the far fields with an offset by specifying an origin for the far field calculation (on the workplane tab of the far field request dialog in CADFEKO). Kind regards Madelé
  7. Hi @AmineSam Your model does not seem to be attached, but in general, it is good practice to union parts. This will ensure that the mesh accurately represents the geometry: Parts that touch will have a mesh with elements that are connected and the mesh will be refined in areas where different parts are located close to each other. This should lead to more accurate results. Kind regards Madelé
  8. You can also toggle the "Fixed size" option (above Arrow size in the Arrows group) and see if that helps.
  9. Hello @Chenxj Have you tried changing the arrow size? Select the near field result in the project browser and look for the Arrows group on the Result tab. If this is not the functionality that you are looking for, please clarify what you are trying to do. Kind regards Madelé
  10. MvdM

    2D problem

    Hi @VRaz It is possible to model 2D infinite planes. Have a look at a patch antenna in the Getting Started Guide or the Example Guide. You can also find more information in the User Guide if you search for Green's functions, multi-layered media, or infinite planes.
  11. Hello @briantvd A quick update on the assertion failure that you encountered when pressing undo: The bug will be fixed in the next major version of Feko (Feko 2019). Kind regards Madelé
  12. Unfortunately, this seems to be a display bug and there is no perfect workaround that I can think of. If you do not wish to see any sources, you could set up a cut plane that cuts through sources only (on the visibility tab, add all other entities to the "Do not cut entities" section) and define the location of the cut plane so that it removes the plane wave sources from your 3D view.
  13. I can reproduce the behaviour (so no need to add a model). I'll take a look and report back....
  14. Hi @Doppler8 I'm trying to think what it is that you are seeing in this view... Can you please add a simple model showing this behaviour? Attaching the .pfs file would be great, along with the various model files (.fek, .bof and .cfx).
  15. Hi @RF Engineer You can raise or lower a trace on the result palette (the panel to the right of your graph window), using the right-click context menu or selecting the trace and pressing Ctrl and + (or Ctrl and - to lower): This will change the order in the legend as shown.
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