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  1. My Question would be, is it possible to simulate over-constrained mechanism using MotionView? Are there any Software which does that? Or do I modify one of the rigid bodies?
  2. Hi Prakash, I did that, and still the software tries to break one of the joints.
  3. Hi Prakash, The Mechanism is an over-constrained with mobility 1. Is it not possible to get the desired motion of structure for over-constrained with MotionSolve? Thanks. Regards, Manisha
  4. hi, I am want to model overconstrained Mechanism in MotionView/MotionSolve. Is it possible to simulate the behavior of the over-constrained mechanism in MotionSolve? Warning: Row Deficiency Detected: This may indicate a kinematic model or over constrained model. Program will continue with redundant constraints removal. From the warning I understand that the program is not for over-constrained models. Any suggestions ? Thanks. Manisha
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